60's Monster Kard Kwiz
©2000 Kurt Kuersteiner (Monsterwax Monster Trading Cards)


So you say you collect monster cards, eh? But how well do you really know them? If you're a REAL Monster Card Creep, you'll probably guess most these answers. Each question is worth 5 points (unless otherwise stated). If you want to play it strict, scroll down the column one sentance at at time so you don't get any subliminal assistance by seeing the answers on your screen before you guess! Helpful hint: No single monster card series answers more than two questions.






What 60s Monster set does the Famous Monsters of Filmland set steal most of its photos from?


(Terror Monster Green)


What two 60s Monster sets came with both cards AND stickers?


(The Munsters and Spook Stories)


What 60s low budget Monster set featured a photo that was half blacked out with a dark marker, yet they STILL used it!?


(Terror Monster Purple #128: The Time Machine)


What 60s low budget Monster set featured a photo image cut into strips, yet they STILL used it?


(Terror Monster Purple #102: The Tingler)


What 60s Monster set featured an actor made famous by Charlie Chaplin?


(The Addams Family. Uncle Fester/Jackie Coogan co-stared with Chaplin and became a child superstar in 1921.)


What 60s Monster set used painted-over photographs?


(Outer Limits-- they painted color over black & white photos)


What 60s Monster set had the backs reissued nearly 20 years later (same text, but a different graphic)?


(Terror Tales by Topps-- reissued backs used in Fright Flicks)


What 60s Monster set used paintings of famous movie monsters?


(Frankenstein Stickers. Others used line art or were generic monsters.)


What 60s Monster set featured artwork by R. Crumb?


(Monster Greeting cards. The reverse featured Topps employees in masks.)


What 60s Monster set was soon reissued in a larger format?


(Monster Midgees, many of which were reissued as regular sized Monster Laffs)


What 60s Monster set featured monsters designed (not drawn) by Wally Wood?


(Mars Attacks. Wood designed the martians, but the roughs were drawn by Bob Powell and finished art by Norm Saunders. Insult Postcards were actually drawn by Wood. See tombstone on card #28)


What 60s Monster set was also issued in two-card panels?


(Horror Monster Green, white backs)


What 60s Monster series were produced by two different companies at the same time (and with the same title and topic!)?


(King Kong by Donruss, and King Kong test cards by Topps.)


What two 60s Monster sets featured monsters by Basil Wolverton?


(Ugly Stickers and Make You Own Name stickers)


What was the first popular monster card set in the US? [...Want audience help?]


(You'll Die Laughing 1959)


What 60s Monster set misspelled the title of the product? [...Is that a guess?]


(Monster Tatoos. They corrected it when the series was reissued in the 70s.)


What 60s Monster set came with a record? [...Do you wish to make a call?]


(Dracula's Greatest Hits)


What 60s Monster series was so popular it spawned two regular sets, plus a postcard series and a set of mini-posters? [The clock is ticking...]


(Dark Shadows Pink & Green, Quentin Postcards, Dark Shadows Giant Pin-ups)


Double Credit Question (10 points)


What 60s Test Set included color monster paintings by Jack Davis?

[...Is that your final answer?]


(Topps Pak O' Fun-- It included several of his 1959 "You'll Die Laughing" cards in it. Other Davis sets were either illustrations or regular issues.)


Bonus Points: (2 1/2 points)


What front gag line is repeated twice in the Horror Monster Orange series?


(#119 & #143 "Not a Whisper of Bad Breath")


What Famous Monsters of Filmland card is a dead ringer for JFK?


(#53 Dracula's Daughter)


Final Score:


110 points- You either cheated or you can't add straight. Or both.

102-105 points- You're a Monster card genius! Now get a life.

95-100 points- You're a Monster card Mad Scientist. You should be writing these things instead of me.

85-90 points- You either spend too much time reading Monster card articles or you spend too much money collecting them. Either way, I appreciate your support.

70-80 points- You're too normal to be considered a Monster card fanatic. But Beware! At this rate, you might turn into one.

55-65 points- Your parents have little to worry about. You're likely to get a real job, find a nice spouse and have 1.5 children.

50 points & below- Better stick to Pokemon and/or Sports cards. If you decide to pursue monster cards, I suggest you find a reputable dealer. (You'll need one.)

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