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A&BC (Topps/UK) cards

Alien Legacy movie cards

Alien VS Preditor: Requiem (and Golden Compass) review

Amazing! magazine history (now an oversized card series)

Austin Powers movie cards

Babylon 5, season 5 set cards

Batman (1960s cards)

Battlefield Earth movie cards

Bean (See Mr. Bean)

Blair Witch Project movie cards

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (from Inkworks)

Buffy: Reflection of the High School Years (cards from Inkworks)

The best backs of cards (overlooked and under appreciated card stories)

Card Back CLASSICS! (The other side of the cards!)

Cataloging Your Collection (How & Why to do it)

Charmed (Inkworks)

Chick Tract collecting (Why I collect the card sized comics!)

Chronicles of Riddick cards by Rittenhouse.

Civil War News by Topps.

Comic book Con ads (and why I love them).

David Lynch cards.

Dark Shadows cards.

Dig-in for Dinosaurs (Dinosaur food premiums).

Dinosaur cards (various card series)

Dinosaurs Attack! (See also the Gary Gerani interview)

Don't Let It Happen Here (The new, updated series with gory art)

eBay abuse.

8mm Monster Movie Box art. And also Volume two of the same series.

Fantasy World of Irwin Allen (from Rittenhouse)

Farscape cards

Flash Gordon TEST cards by Topps

Frankenstein cards (by Artbox).

Freaky Monsters cards (from former Famous Monsters of Filmland Editor, Ray Ferry).

Fright Flicks vs. Terror Tales (Topps)

Game cards!(1960s oversized Old Maid cards)

Garbage Pail Kids Cards.

Garijo, Ricardo: 1953 - 2009

Gary Gerani (Interview with the Dinosaurs Attack creator)

Gilligan's Island (from Dart)

Girls on Covers & Card sets.

Godzilla Superview cards (Inkworks)

Godzilla cards (by Comic Images).

Golden Compass (and AVP) review

Hector Oesterheld (The Spanish Nostradamus of Cards & Comics)

Hammer Horror vs. Universal Monster sets.

Hammer Horror 40th card series

Haunted House cards (based on The Nightstalker)

Hellboy (Inkworks)

Hogan's Heroes. (and the passing of Col. Clink) updated 6.25.06

Horrible Ugly Monsters (The Kickstarter series by Monsterwax)

Horror Monster vs. Monster Cards (blue).

Irwin Allen (See Fantasy World of...)

Island of Dr. Moreau (overview of H.G.Wells art cards by Laen August, Scary Monster Magazine) overview

James Bond (movie set from Inkworks)

Jets-Rockets-Spacemen. (Interview with James Trever)

Jets-Rockets-Spacemen (A look back at)

Jurassic Park 3 (Inkworks movie set)

JFK/LBJ & Goldwater sets by Topps (an article by Joel Bevan)

Land of the Giants (Topps Test & UK's A&BC)

Lost In Space sets (newer sets)

Lost In Space Archives (from Inkworks)

Lost In Space movie set (Inkworks)

Lost In Space, The Art of Ron Gross (Monsterwax)

Lovecraft (Legendary H.P. Lovecraft) Podcast: UK Cardcast #56 (2nd interview, about 20 minutes in)

Lucy 50th Anniversary set review

Mark Macaluso (A look back at the King of Cardboard)

Mark Spears Monsters (The many monster sets of Mark Spears)

Mars Attacks (profile from

Mars Attacks Interview with Len Brown.

Mars Attacks- A Nitpicker's Guide (to the Topps series)

Mars Attacks reprints and toys.

Marvel Silver Age card series

Mego Museum cards (and checklist)

Monster Kard Quiz.

Monster Sequel sets.

Monster ("oddball cards") index of articles (several, from 1994 & up. Hit link).

Monster Box Art (see 8mm Monster Movie Box art.)

Monster Cards blue (see Horror Monster vs. Monster Cards (blue)

Monsterfaces (Frank Russo's art cards by Monsterwax)

Monsters From Hell (The making of a monster set)

Monsters & Maniacs Podcast: UK Cardcast #61 (1st interview, 38 minutes long)

Monster Tatoos by Topps (the 1960s version)

Movie Poster cards by Breygent (Stars*Monsters*Comedy)

Mr. Bean (from Dart)

Mummy Returns (Inkworks)

The Munsters (recent series from Dart)

Nazi-bashing cards (Various sets)

Nightstalker cards (The background behind the Nightslasher Haunted house set).

Oddball Monster Cards (See Monster Oddball Cards)

Odd Rods series cards.

Odd Rods Architect, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Original Art cards of the vintage years (Collecting Battle, Civil War News, Mars Attacks, & Outer Limits)

Original Art cards of modern times (See Time Machine)

Outer Limits (series #1 from Rittenhouse)

Outer Limits/Sex & Cyborgs (Rittenhouse)

Outer Limits (from Duocards)

Package Parodies. (An interview about with the creator of the set)

Paypal Pain (common problems with the mega-money giant)

Planet Of The Apes (new 2001 set by Topps)

Pokemon cards! (And why I hate them)

Pranky Products review

Price Guides (A guide to them!)

Prisoner & Patrick McGoohan cards (various older cards)

The Prisoner (on the new set by Cards Inc. on the 1960's show).

The Prisoner/ Patrick McGoohan: A Life In Full (McGoohan's death and new card series)

Return policies (and common problems w/ dealers returning stuff)

Rip-off scams of dishonest dealers.

Sabrina, The Teen-Aged Witch release.

Sailor Moon Prismatic (from Dart)

Saunders, Norm (The Norman Saunders Book by David Saunders)

Sci-Fi & Horror Movie Poster Cards (from Breygent)

Scooby-Doo cards (by Inkworks)

Scoop cards (Topps, 1950s)

Shock Stories (The Making of a Monster Set by Monsterwax)

Shock Stories Podcast: UK Cardcast #19 (2nd interview, about 15 minutes in)

Shock Theater/ Theatre ("Shocking Laffs" with Hammer Horror and Topps)

Sleepy Hollow movie cards

Small Soldiers (Inkworks)

SMR comments (Sports Market Report magazine) observations on King Kong, JRS, Red Menace, Creature Feature, Flash Gordon, etc.

Spook Stories Stickers (Leaf, 1963-65)

Superman cards (Gum, Inc.)

Superman in the Jungle (Topps test & UK's A&BC)

Starship Troopers (from Inkworks)

Star Trek Insurrection movie cards,

Star Trek 1967 Leaf CardControversies,

Star Trek 1969 (AB&C)

Star Trek TOS 3 (from Rittenhouse)

Terrorists Attack! (A prophetic 1980s set)

Terror Tales vs. Fright Flicks (Topps)

The Time Machine (The Art Of H.G. Wells review by Mike Fitzpatrick)

Titan A.E. movie cards

Titanic (card set by Dart)

Tomb Raider (movie cards by Inkworks)

Topps 75th Anniversary Cards (by Topps)

Toxic High (by Topps)

TVs Coolest Classics (cards from Inkworks)

The Twilight Zone (series #1 by Rittenhouse)

The Twilight Zone, Next Dimension. (Series #2 from Rittenhouse)

The Twilight Zone, Science & Superstition (series #4 from Rittenhouse)

UFO (Gerry Anderson's TV show set by Cards, Inc.)

UFO sets. (newer Flying Saucer sets)

UFO/Flying Saucer Sets! (various older sets)

Universal Monster Stamps and Toys

Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen (see Hammer Horror vs. Universal Monster sets)

Uranus Strikes cards (the Mars Attacks parody by Bob Ting)

Urban Legends (The Making of a Monster Set by Monsterwax)

Urban Legends Podcast: UK Cardcast #42 (1st interview, 45 minutes long)

Valentine cards of Non-sports collector interest

Van Helsing (Comic Images)

Voyager Profiles cards

Wacky Postcards by Topps

War Of The Worlds cards

War Gum (Bowman, 1941)

War News Pictures & The Dirty Dozen (Bowman, 1939)

Weird Tales (the magazine and the cards about it)

Weird Wheels by Topps

Why we collect (not just cards!)

Wild Man.(Bowman 1950)

Wild West cards (Bowman 1949)

Wild, Wild West (TV series card set from Rittenhouse)

Wild Wild West (The movie set by Skybox, plus older TV series cards)

Wings (1950s Aircraft cards of Topps)

World In Arms (Bowman, 1940s.)

The WORST cards of all time

Xena Season 6 (Inkworks)

X-files Seasons 4/5 ( by Inkworks)

X-files Season 6 & 7 (from Inkworks)

X-files, Fight The Future movie (Inkworks)

You'll Die Laughing (Topps 1960s to present)


Podcasts about Card Sets by Kuersteiner:


Shock Stories Podcast: UK Cardcast #19 (2nd interview, about 15 minutes in)

Spook Show Podcast: UK Cardcast #42 (1st interview, 45 minutes long)

Monsters & Maniacs Podcast: UK Cardcast #61 (1st interview, 38 minutes long)

Lovecraft (Legendary H.P. Lovecraft) Podcast: UK Cardcast #56 (2nd interview, about 20 minutes in)

Lost In Space, The Art of Ron Gross Podcast: The Outer Limits Podcast (Entire 1 hour episode.)

Pincelled In Podcast interview about Monsterwax cards w/ Ingrid & Lindsey. 1 hour audio version or YouTube video version.


Podcasts on other subjects by Kuersteiner:


The Outer Limits Podcast with Victor Gamboa. Kuersteiner remembers classic sci-fi TV shows, as well as trading cards and old radio horror shows.

Old Time Radio Shows discussed by Kuersteiner about 5 minutes into Spooky South Coast Radio (podcast of the 7/26/2008 broadcast).

Jack T. Chick tracts discussed by Kuersteiner on Fascinating Nouns with Daniel J. Glenn (June 2023).

Haunted Houses, Monster cards, and OTR horror shows discussed with Kuersteiner on Fascinating Nouns with Daniel J. Glenn (October 2023)

Jack T. Chick tracts discussed by Kuersteiner (and others) on 99% Invisible with Roman Mars. (July 2023).

Reading The Parricides Tale on episode 800 of Pseudopod.

Lost In Space - Fun reviews and in-depth analysis of the original Lost In Space series with Laen August & Kurt Kuersteiner in the orignal broadcast order. You can hear it in reverse broadcast order (along with special interview episodes) on iTunes as Alpha Control: A Lost In Space podcast.

Welcome to Sunland: Tallahassee's Hospital of Horrors (filmed interview with Kuersteiner about Tallahassee's infamous haunted hospital).

Church of the Subgenius spoof of I Was A Cultist for the A.T.F. (30 min. radio drama.)

Papa Prell radio comedy spoofs: The Atomic Test Tape (12 min. H-Bomb cover-up), Wise Acres (15 min. career recreation), The UFO Controversy (28 min. EBE expose).

The part II conclusion (includes 15 min. John Lear testimony).


Other articles, writings, and websites by Kurt Kuersteiner:


Books by Kuersteiner on a variety of subjects (Urban Legends, OTR, Chick tracts, etc.)

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