Issues 100-314

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The following is a table of contents of each issue of The Wrapper going back to #100. (Or view the pre-#100 Index.) Omitted are Non-sport show reports and MARKet reports (since both are time sensitive). Please forward any corrections to me.

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Listed as: Issue # (& date)/ Title (& subject matter)/ Writer & page location


Issue #314 July 7-Aug 28, 2018

Comic Book Heroes Stickers (pt.3 of 3) by Lonnie Cummings pg 63-66

Jefferson Burdick by George Vrechek pg 22-27

Philly Gum (The cards by PCGC) by Bill Christensen pg. 6-11

Zorro by Bill Bengen pg. 14-20


Issue #313 May 15-July 7, 2018

Comic Book Heroes Stickers (pt.2 of 3) by Lonnie Cummings pg 20-23

Comic Book Heroes Stickers Variationsby Lonnie Cummings pg 67-68

Memories (of card collecting) by Victor Horvitz pg. 24-25

Hit Stars (1957) by Bill Bengen pg 8-15

Rittenhouse Update (of 2018 Rittenhouse series) by Steve Charendoff pg 17-18


Issue #312 March 12-May 15, 2018

Arcade Cards by George Vrechek pg 14-19

Comic Book Heroes Stickers (pt.1 of 3) by Lonnie Cummings pg 20-25

Robin Hood (1957) by Bill Bengen pg 6-10

Terror Tales by Kuersteiner pg 12-13


Issue #311 Feb 1-March 24, 2018

Beatles Plaks by Bill Christensen pg 6-9

Lionel Train Cards by David Hornish pg 19-24

Pulver Pictures by Joel Bevan pg 62-64

Secret Asian Man (Remembering James Bond cards and toys) by Bob Ting pg. 15-16

Space Cards by Bill Bengen pg 10-15


Issue #310 Dec. 11-Feb 1, 2018

Close Encounters (Wonder Bread) by Robert Mruczek & Scott Stonebrook pg 24-27

Davy Crockett (1956) by Bill Bengen pg 12-18

Gilligan's Island by Bill Christensen pg 6-10

Great Explorers (T118) by George Vrechek pg 20-23

Weight Machine Cards by Troy Kirk pg 64-67


Issue #309 Oct 19-Dec 11, 2017

30 Years Ag, by Les Davispg 64-65

Flags (1956) by Bill Bengen pg 8-14

Holy Grail 2 (see issue 308) by Tom Goodwin pg 24-31

Why We Collect by Jess Duran pg 25-26


Issue #308 Aug. 28-Oct 19, 2017

Holy Grail (Marvel Super Heroes Stickers) by Tom Goodwin pg 16-23

I Remember Mars (Mars Attacks vending machines) by Bob Ting pg. 4

"Museum" (from the Vintage Forum) pg 65-66

Roundup (1956 )by Bill Bengen pg 8-14

Comic Con by Steve Pastis pg 24-25


Issue #307 July 7-August 28, 2017

Davy Crocket Orange Backs (from the Vintage Forum) page 25-26

Elvis (1956) by Bill Christiansen pg. 6-11

Ignore the Fool (Artists and their fear of rejection) by Bob Ting pg 28-29

Krazy Football Pennants by David Hornish pg 20-23

Rails and Sails by Bill Bengen pg 12-18

Topps Store (A store named after the card company) by Troy Kirk pg 63-64

War Card Memories (War News Pictures) by John Sippell pg 66-67


Issue #306 (May 15- July 7, 2017)

Jack Davis 1959 (Funny Monsters, Funny Valentines, Wacky Plaks) by Bill Christensen pg 8-11

Baseball Weird-Ohs by Mike McPeek pg 22-24

Leaf Pirates by Davis pg 64-67

Nu-Cards Dinosaurs by Bill Bengen pg. 12-20

P6 Nightmare (Flag series of pin buttons) by Alan Miley pg. 19-20


Issue #305 (March 24 - May 15, 2017)

Non-Sports Buttons by Marc Simon pg. 14-19

OPC Display Boxes by Terry Gomes pg 20-25

Slob Stickers by Marc Simon pg 26-28

War News Pictures (The Dirty Dozen) by Kuersteiner pg 74-76

World on Wheels by Bill Bengen pg 8-13


Issue #304 (Feb 1 - March 24, 2104)

Tarzan 3-D (1953), by Bill Bengen pg 12-18

Zorro by Bill Christensen pg 6-10

To Uranus & Beyond (Uranus Strikes!) by Bob Ting pg. 20-22

War News Pictures by Daniel Hollanbeck pg 22-27


Issue #303 (Dec. 11 - Feb. 1, 2017)

Batman Print Run Estimates (Topps, 1966) by David Hornish pg. 6-9

Fighting Marines 1953 (Boomer Cards pt. 17) by Bill Bengen pg 12-17

The Mod Squad (Topps 1968) by Terry Gomes pg 19-23

Collecting Memories (1960s cards) by Phil Rosenthal pg. 64-65

Heinz Map 1937 (to go with their aviation cards) by Jason Rhodes pg 66-67


Issue #302 (Oct. 19-Dec. 11, 2016)

TV Westerns (Topps, 1958) by Bill Christensen pg. 6-10

Firefighters 1953 (Boomer Cards pt. 16) by Bill Bengen pg 12-17

Flags of the World 1956 (Topps, R714-5) by Dan Hollandbeck pg 20-24

OPC Wrappers (Topps' version of Canada cards get their wrappers explained) by Terry Gomes pg 26-31

1966 Coronet magazine article reprint (about trading cards) by Dixie Trainer & Jeff Shepherd pg. 64-66


Issue #301 (Aug 28-Oct. 19, 2016)

Television and Radio Stars of NBC (Boomer Cards pt. 15) by Will Bengen pg 6-11

Horrors of War (78 years later) by Joel Bevan pg 12-15

Soupy Sales Wallets Update (Topps, see also #295) by David Hornish pg 16-17

The Five Carnation Airplane Card Sets (F270) by John Shupek & Pete D'Luhosch pg. 70-75


Issue #300 (July 7-Aug.28, 2016)

Reminiscing (on cards by the writer) by Bill Chritensen pg. 8-12

Scoops 1954 (Boomer cards [sic] pt. 19) by Will Bengen pg.14-19

Reflections (on the early Wrapper days) by Scott Thomas pg 22-24

My Story (The Editor looks back to his early days) by Les Davis pg 74-78

Article Index (for issues 278-300, in alphabetical order) by Davis pg 80-81


Issue #299 (May 15-July 7, 2016)

The Man From Uncle (Illya & Napoleon) by Bill Christensen pg 6-9

Comic Character cards 1953 (Boomer Cards pt. 14) by Will Bengen pg 1-17

Man on the Moon (Topps 1969) by Bob Mruczek pg 18-23

Ton 'O' Gum (When slabbing was something else) by Terry Gomes pg 78-83


Issue #298 (Mar 24- May 15, 2016)

Hitmakers (1972 Rock & Roll set) by Bill Christensen pg 6-9

Superman 1966 (Boomer Cards pt 13) by Will Bengen pg 10-16

Star Wars Sugarless Gum (56 movie photo wrapper set) by Daniel Hollandbeck pg 17-19

Flying Things (Topps, 1966) by David Hornish pg 22-28

Supergirl (Then & Now) by Jeff Kepley pg 78-81


Issue #297 (Feb 1 - Mar 2016)

Three Stooges (Fleer 1959) by Bill Christensen pg 6-9

Davy Crockett's Superset (Combining Orange & Green sets into one) by Will Pengen pg 10-18

Collecting Movie/TV sets in Highest Quality (PSA Pop. Reports) by Robert Mruczek pg 20-25

Fleer Bumper Stickers (A concept that didn't stick) by Marc Simon pg 28-31


Issue #296 (Jan 1 - Feb 1, 2016)

Look 'N See by Bill Bengen pg 12-17

Mod Squad by Bill Christensen pg 8-10

Seal-Craft Discs (Pt. 2) by Daniel Hollandbeck pg 20-24


Issue #295 (Nov. 15 - Jan 1, 2016)

William Redver Stark (Canadian Card Artist) by John Bell pg 24-29

Castro and Cards (by John Bell) pg 65

Gunsmoke by Joel Bevan pg 32-35

Seal-Craft Discs (Pt. 1) by Daniel Hollandbeck pg 16-21

Soupy Sales Wallets by David Hornish pg 6-8

Wings (Topps, 1952) by Bill Bengen pg 9-14


Issue #294 (Oct. 1 - Nov. 15, 2015)

Dr. Who (pt. 2) by Matthew Szewczyk pg 20-23

Red Menace by Bill Bengen pg 12-18

Card Show Etiquette by Bill Christensen pg 24-27

Topps Mockup Art by David Hornish pg 24-27

My Best Find (A true story) by Bill Christensen pg 74-75


Issue #293 (Aug. 15 - Oct. 1, 2015)

Casey & Killdare (pt. 2, a follow-up) by Eric Cooper pg 25

Doctor Who (Pt. 1) by Matthew Szewczyk pg 20-23

How I got Back into Card Collecting (more readers!) pg 72-73

Hit Stars by Bill Christensen pg 8-13

Political Correctness vs. Cards (Forum comments) pg 74-75

Jets, Rockets, Spacemen by Bill Bengen pg 16-21

Murad College Series (T51 1909-1910) by Johne Rafferty pg 26-29


Issue #292 (July 1 - Aug. 15, 2015)

Casey & Kildare (pt. 1) by Bill Christensen pg 8-12

Howdy Doody by Bill Bengen pg 15-19

How I Got Back into Card Collecting (readers) pg 72-73

Micky Mouse by Joel Bevan pg 20-23

Warplanes (V156) by John Shupek pg 24-25


Issue #291 (May 15 - July 1, 2015)

1966 Card Issues by Victor Miller pg 18-21

American Singer Series (Birds) by Alan Miley pg 22-23

Inidan Chiefs (Novel) by Daniel Hollandbeck pg 73-75

Monkees by Bill Christensen pg 6-10

Sgt. Preson (1950) by Bill Bengen pg 12-17


Issue #290 (Apr. 1 - May 15, 2015)

Bring 'Em Back Alive (Topps) by Bill Bengen pg 12-17

Congress Cards by T.L. Rogers pg 72-74

Fleer Sports Cartoons by Mark T. Simon pg 18-23

Gulliver's Travels by Joel Bevan pg 24-27

Nu Card Rock & Roll by Bill Christensen pg 6-10


Issue #289 (Feb 15 - Apr. 2015)

Dumb Dabs (Fleer, 1984) by Marc Simon pg 20-23

Freedom's War by Bill Bengen pg 12-17

Sports & Pastimes by Alan Miley pg 18-19

Star Wars (Topps) by Bill Christensen pg 6-10

What Else Do You Collect? pg 74-75


Issue #288 (Jan 1 - Feb. 15, 2015)

Comic Covers Stickers by Bill Christensen pg 8-11

Lone Ranger (Ed-U-Cards, 1950) by Bill Bengen pg 12-16

Our America: Oil (1940s) by Joel Bevan pg 18-21

WNEW Superstars (Radio promos, 1972) by Jason Rhodes pg 26-29


Issue #287 (Nov. 15 - Jan 1, 2015)

Beatles (Topps) by Bill Christensen pg 10-13

Maurice Blumenfeld (Topps Artist) by Pete Boulay pg 6-8

7up Rock Caps by Terry Gomes pg 70-71

Assorted Standard Bearer cards by Alan Miley pg 20-22

Wild Man (Bowman, Inc.) by Bill Bengen pg 14-18


Issue #286 (Oct. 1 - Nov. 15, 2014)

Fun Packs (Topps) by Victor Miller pg 72-75

Hayes & Authur Cards by Alan Miley pg 16-17

Heroes of the Sea (W.S. Corp., 1939) by Joel Bevan pg 22-25

Hopalong Cassidy (Topps, 1950) by Bill Bengen pg 10-14

Partridge Family (Topps, 1971) by Bill Christensen pg 6-9

Space: 1999 by Robert Mruczek pg 18-21


Issue #285 (Aug. 15 - Oct. 1, 2014)

Animal Series, Alan Miley pg 20-21

Sgt. Preston, Bill Christensen pg 22-26

Topps Humor Sets (Topps Trifecta), Bill Christensen pg 8-12

Treasure Hunt Gum, Jason Rhodes pg 72-75

Wild West(Bowman), Bill Bengen pg 14-18


Issue #284 (July 1 - Aug. 15, 2014)

1930's Wrappers by Bill Christensen pg 20-23

Asterisk Variations (Topps) by Alan Miley pg 14-15

Have Gun, Will Travel by Joel Bevan pg 16-19

Star Trek Prices (More on the Amazing) by Robert Mruczek pg 12-13

You'll Die Laughing by Bill Christensen pg 8-11


Issue #283 (May 15 - July 1, 2014)

Gomer Pyle & McHale's Navy cards (Fleer) by Christensen pg 8-11

H.P. Lovecraft Cards by Joel Bevan pg 24-27

Moonraker Stickers by Robert Mruczek pg 28-30

Rat Patrol cards by Victor Miller pg 12-16

Superman (Topps, 1966) by David Hornish pg 18-21

Wax Packs (Prices) by Bill Christensen pg 70-74

WW1 Cards by Alan Miley pg 22-23


Issue #282 (April 1 - May 15, 2014)

Fleer In the Beginning (History of Fleer Card Co.) by David Hornish pg 8-12

Hot Seat Stickers (Fleer) by Marc Simon pg 14-19

Comic Cards (from 1949) by Bill Christensen pg 20-25

Champion Women Swimmers Cards (T221) by Alan Miley pg 26-27

Why I Collect Non-Sports (Lesson Are In The Cards) by Jeff Copeland pg 68-71


Issue #281 (Feb 15 - April 1, 2014)

Sports Cars (1961) by Bill Christenson pg 8-12

Daffy Patches (Wacky Packages Cousin) by Marc Simon pg 16-20

Buitoni Figurettes (F360) by Alan Miley pg 24-25

Don't Let It Happen Over Here (1938) by Joel Bevan pg 26-29

Canadian Military Cards by Roger McCalmont pg 70-73


Issue #280 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2014)

Davy Crocket Goes North (an Ogilvie Flour Mills of Canada issue, circa 1955) b y John Bell pg 6-7

Least Favorite Card Sets by Bill Christensen pg 8-12

Mail Carrier & Stamp Cards by Alan Milley pg 14-15

Batman Cards of the 1960s by Vitor Miller pg 16-21

Topps Space Cards (Memories of a collector) by Phil Rosenthal pg 23-24


Issue #279 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2014)

David Crockett, The Complete (the non-Topps issues) by Rrank Evano) pg 8-13

Yukon Dog Cards, The Callenge of the- by Alan Miley pg 14-15

The Flying Nun by Bill Christensen pg 18-21

Card Companies, Tipoeing Through the (A chronological history sincer WW2) by Christensen pg 24- 31


Issue #278 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2013)

Article Index by Les Davis pg 82-83

Star Trek (1967 Leaf) by Joel Bevan pg 22-26

Sunday School Cards by Alan Miley pg 18-19

Uranus Strikes by Bob Ting pg 12-16

York Dinosaurs by Vay Jonynas pg 8-10


Issue #277 (Aug. 15 - Oct. 1, 2013)

Backslappers (Fleer, 1967) by Paul Trahan pg 14-15

Famous American Stamps by Christensen pg 10-13

Flags of the World by Alan Miley pg 8-9

How I Got Back by Jason Rhodes pg 68-69

Ripley's Believe It or Not by Paul Trahan pg 22-23

The Unashamed by Tom Taber pg 72-73

Fighting Warship Coins by Vay Jonynas pg 18-21


Issue #276 (July 1 - Aug. 15, 2013)

Fantasy Card Sets by Taber & Rogers pg 23-25

Frontier Days Follow Up by Dave Owen pg 66-67

GPK Update by Christensen pg 14-15

Jersey Coffee by Alan Miley pg 16-17

Monster Laffs by Joel Bevan pg 18-22

Popeye by Christensen pg 10-13


Issue #275 (May 15 - July 1, 2013)

Crusader Rabbit by Jeff Kepley pg 22-27

Custer Cards (part 2) by Frank Evanov pg 14-19

Ed-U-Cards by David Hornish pg 6-10

Flip-O-Vision Update by David Hornish pg 11.

Frontier Days by Alan Miley pg 12-13

Punishment Cards by Mark Edmunds pg 30-34


Issue #274 (April 1 - May 15, 2013)

Custer in cards (part 1) by Frank Evanov pg 8-14

Hollywood Picture Stars by Alan Miley pg 28

How I got Back Into Cards by various subscribers pg 72-74, 80-81

R. Crumb at Topps by John Bell pg 20-26

Under Rated Cards by Christensen pg 16-18


Issue #273 (Feb 1 - March 15, 2013)

Disneyland by Christensen pg 8-10

George Morris (RIP) pg 6

KMB Trade Cards (Kaufmannsbilder) by Alan Miley pg 16-18

TV & Radio Stars by Joel Bevan pg 20-23

Window Paines by Marc Simon pg 12-15


Issue #272 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2013)

Flip-O-Vision by Christensen pg 15-17

Flip-O-Vision by David Hornish pg 9-14

Memories (Mr. Yeko, Hostess, etc.), T.L Rogers pg 65-66

Tattoos by Christensen pg 18-23

Riddle Series (T97) by Alan Miley pg 25-26

Warplanes by Roger McCalmont pg 16-17

Weird Tales (magazine and cards) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7


Issue #271 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2013)

Card Organizing by Jim Miller pg 20-21

Charles Steinbacher by Davis pg 10-14

Disney Swap Cardss by Christensen pg 16-18

Liebig Trade Cards by Joel Bevan pg 22-25

Star Trek Uncut Sheet (Topps 1976) by Robert Mruczek pg 75

Supersisters by Davis pg 26-27


Issue #270 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2012)

Bob Powell (Topps artist) by John Bell pg 8-14

Missing Cards by William Collins pg 23

Oddball Monsters (2012) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Slob Stickers (Topps, 1966) by Davis pg 24-26

US Army in Action by Bill Christensen pg 16-19


Issue #269 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2012)

Battle (Topps, 1965) by Joel Bevan pg 24-27

Cartoon and Comic Characters by Bill Christensen pg 18-22

Test Issues in Color (Topps TV issues) by Dave Hornish pg 12-16

Star Trek Update (1976 Topps set auction results) by Robert Mruczek pg 73

War Gum by Kuersteiner pg 8-10


Issue #268 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2012)

Big Little Books, by Jeff Kepley pg 10-14

Gee Whiz Quiz, by Bill Christiansen pg 24-27

Odd Rod's Architect (Bid Daddy Roth) by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

Starbucks cards, by Roger McCalmont pg 34

Start Trek Market Update (PSA prices) by Robert Mruczek pg 28-29

Wings (Follow up) by Pete D'Luhosch pg 17-22


Issue #267 (May 15 - June 31, 2012)

Nasty Tricks Addendum, by Marc Simon pg 73

Superman in the Jungle & Land of the Giants, (Test and A&BC) by Kurt Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Time Marches On, by Joel Bevan pg 24-27

Topps TV Test Issues, by David Hornish pg 12-17

Untouchables, by Bill Christensen pg 18-21


Issue #266 (April 1 - May 15, 2012)

Superman (Gum Inc, 1941) by Kuersteiner pg 10-12

Mutoscope (1944) by Joel Bevan pg 24-27

Guns and Pistols (from Parkhurst / Canada) by Bill Christensen pg 20-22

Fake Wrappers on eBay by Jon Rimmer pg 74-73

Presentation Boards (Topps pitch sheets) by David Hornish pg 6-8

Wrappers by Bill Christensen pg 14-18


Issue #265 (Feb 15 - Mar 31, 2012)

Wacky Packages Old School 3 by Neil Camera pg 4

J-R-S Satire by Geoff Green pg 16-17

Mickey Mouse by Tomas Nilson pg 72-74

Nasty Tricks stickers by Marc Simon pg 10-14

The Players (Card company owners, artists, and staff) by Christenson pg 18-21

Space Cards/Target Moon (Topps) by Hornish pg 6-8

Wood Plaks by Marc Simon pg 24-28


Issue #264 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2012)

Elephant Jokes (LM Becker) by Christensen pg 22-24

Hocus Focus (Topps 1955) by Hornish pg 16-21

Strong Man by Christensen pg 74-75

Titanic cards by Davis pg 10-14

Topps Test Issues by Terry Gomes pg 68-70

Wacky Postcards by Kurt Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Wild West (Bowman) by Bill Bengen pg 30-31

Zorro cards (1958) by Bevan pg 26-29


Issue #263 (Nov. 15- Dec 31, 2011)

Freedom's War by David Hornish pg 12-15

In History's Spotlight by Bill Christensen pg 8-10

Mars Attacks Revised from Robert Edward Auctions pg 20-22

McHale's Navy by Joel Bevan pg 16-19

Parkhurst by Roger McCalmont pg 57


Issue #262 (Oct. 1 - Nov. 15, 2011)

American Card Catalog (1953) by David Hornish pg 8-11

Card Collector's Bulletin by Davis pg 18-23

Fun of Collecting by Christensen pg 14-16

Early Card Memories by Roger McCalmont pg 75

Oddball Monster Cards 2011 by Kuersteiner pg 6-7


Issue #261 (Aug. 15 - Oct. 1, 2011)

Coins of the World (Topps 1949) by Christensen pg 22-25

Star Trek (Leaf) by Kuersteiner pg 8-10

Mars Attacks by Joel Bevan pg 26-30

Novel Candy Boxes (R-722) by Don Hayes pg 12-17

Topps Transition Issues (of 1950) by David Hornish pg 18-21


Issue #260 (July 1 - Aug. 15, 2011)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Monsterwax) by Joel Bevan pg 24-28

Donruss Company by Christensen pg 12-15

Legendary Auctions Results by Davis pg 20-22

Mars Attacks, A Nitpicker's Guide by Kuersteiner pg 6-8

Topps Guild by David Hornish pg 16-19


Issue #259 (May 15 - July 1, 2011)

Billy the Kid Card Comparisons by Davis pg 6-9

Fairy Tale Freaks by Spencer Hyndman pg 70-74

Freaky Monster Cards by Kuersteiner pg 10-12

Horrors of War Sheet Layout by Mark Finn pg 4

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Monsterwax) by Joel Bevan pg 22-25

Number One Cards (Favorites) by Christensen pg 14-17

Clash of the Titans cards by Michael Monahan pg 53

Solomon & Gelman (Early days at Topps) by David Hornish pg 18-21


Issue #258 (April 1 - May 15, 2011)

Bowman/ Topps story by David Hornish pg 32-33

Civil War "Gore" by Kuersteiner pg 16-18

Censored Civil War News (Spain version) by Kevin Jackson pg 14-15

Dillenger Observations by Davis & Co. pg 6-12

Funny Foldees (1949/1955) by Marc Simon pg 29-30

Outer Limits by Bevan pg 24-27

Unusual Sets to Collect by Christensen pg 20-23

Public Reaction to Red Menace by Christensen pg 74-75


Issue #257 (Feb 15 - April 1, 2011)

Addams Family (Donruss 1964) by Joel Bevan pg 10-13

Look 'N See by Christensen pg 6-9

N245 Actors & Actresses by Mike McPeek pg 68

Tattoo Chewing Gum (1930s) by Todd Riley pg 30-31

Topps Early History (and the Shorin Family) by David Hornish pg 16-20

Wild Bill Hickok (Bread issue) by Christensen pg 22-24


Issue #256 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2011)

Bread Labels by Don Hayes pg 20-24

What type of card collector are you? from Vintage Forum pg 62-64

Fantasy Want List by Christensen pg 10-12

Funny Foldees by Marc Simon pg 26-27

Munsters (Dart, 1996) by Joel Bevan pg 14-18

Shock Theater/ Shock Theatre by Kuersteiner pg 7-9


Issue #255 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2011)

Batman (Topps, 1966) by Jim Moore pg 66-67

Card-O Aeroplanes (Series D Mystery) by Pete D'Luhosch pg 15-16

Weird-Ohs (Fleer) by Bill Christensen pg 10-13

Munsters (Leaf 1964) by Joel Bevan pg 6 -9

Paladin (Rinso Blue, 1959) by Davis pg 65

Past Conventions (The Way it Used to Be) by Christiansen pg 18-20


Issue #254 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2010)

Fess and Davy (Davy Crockett) by Phil Rosenthal pg 6-8

Attack of the Oddball Monster Cards (Unusual monster cards) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Are They or Aren't They Cards (Unusual format cards) by Bill Christensen pg 14-16

"Is there and Honest Man Out There?" (Card Convention Memory) by Davis pg 17

Card-O Aeroplanes (Series D Mystery) by Pete D'Luhosch pg 18-20


Issue #253 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2010)

Monster Tatoos (Topps, circa 1962) by Kuersteiner pg 6-9

Davy Crockett Green (Slip, Sliding Away) by Bill Christensen pg 10-13

Doughboys Wrapper/ Label Variations (R43) by Don Hayes pg 16-18

Worst Card Decisions (Remembering Regrets) by various pg 20-21


Issue #252 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2010)

Wild West, Bowman's (The Missing Bowman 6th Series & Other Details) by Steve Sabow pg 6-11

Foreign Legion, The(1939) by Joel Bevan pg 14-17

Indian Gum Master Sets (The Hardest Collecting Accomplishment) by Bill Christensen pg 20-24

All American Space Fleet (Skelly, 1950s) by Ted Shepard pg 26-27


Issue #251 May 15 - July 1, 2010)

Thriller Chewing Gum (from Anglo-American Ltd, UK) by Mark Edmunds pg 8-10

Hoadley's Chocolates: Wild West Series by Joel Bevan pg 12-15

Crime Does Not Pay (R37) by Richard Lapointe pg 16-17

Jumbo Holloway Mystery (1930s strip cards) by Don Hayes pg 18-21

eBay & Paypal Pain (The Agony of On-Line Sales) by Kuersteiner pg 22-24

Batman Real Photos (Topps 1966 Bat Laffs) by Bill Oliver pg 25-26

Classic Toys (That's Entertainment cards) by Bill Christensen pg 28-30


Issue #250 (Apr. 1 - May 15, 2010)

Mars Attacks, A Tribute to-- by Bill Christensen pg 6-14

Wrapper's Believe It Or Not, The- (Funny Wrapper Trivia) by Davis pg 16-18

Lone Ranger, 70 Years After the Silver Bullet (Bowman) by Joel Bevan pg 20-24

Nutty Initials/ Love Initials (Topps) by Marc Simon pg 26-31

Wrapper Remembrances of 1978, The- (What we were doing way back then) by various pg 32-34

Inserts: Free At One Time (Classic stickers, emblems, & prizes) by Bill Christensen pg 36-38


Issue #249 (Feb 15 - Apr. 1, 2010)

Weird Wheels cards, The Weird Story Behind- by Kuersteiner pg 6-8

Collecting Secrets (more tough cards) by Bill Christensen pg 10-15

Small Town Memories (of a young Card-A-Holic) by Jeff Kurta pg 16-17

Magic Candy R84 (Did half the set vanish?) by Don Hayes g 18-19

Fleer 50 Fabulous Foolish Fun Stamps by Marc Simon pg 20- 23


Issue #248 (Jan. 1 - Feb. 15, 2010)

An Artist's Legacy (A Lookback at Ricardo Garijo) by Kurt Kuersteiner pg 6-8

Wild West, Bowman's 1949- (60 Years After, pt. 2) by Joel Bevan pg 10-13

Difficult Cards (Key Cards from Classic Sets) by Bill Christensen pg 14-16

Bewitched Cards (1965 Topps "Test" Issue) by Rich Laino pg 17

Canadian Card Collector, A(Experiences) by Vay Jonynas pg 18-20


Issue #247 (Nov. 15 - Jan 1, 2010)

Saunders and Mars Attacks, Norm- (the background story) by David Saunders pg 6-10

A New Old Way To Collect (Getting Autographs or collecting "Type" cards) by Bill Christensen pg 12-16

What's the Toughest 1930's "R" Set to Complete (Online Comments) by Les Davis pg 18-21

Wild West, Bowman's 1949- (60 Years After, pt. 1) by Joel Bevan pg 22-26


Issue #246 (Oct. 1 - Nov. 15, 2009)

Oddball Monster Cards District 17 (Off Beat Monster cards) by Kurt Kuersteiner pg 8-9

Planes, 1957 Topps- by Bill Christensen pg 10-14

Glory Days, The- (Remembering Classic Deals & Classic Dealers) by Steve Sabow pg 16-17

Collecting Multiples of One Set (Online Comments) by Davis pg 18-21

American G-Men (part 2) by Joel Bevan pg 22- 25


Issue #245 (Aug. 15 - Oct 1, 2009)

Urban Legends & Shock Stories (The Making of a Monster Set) by Kuersteiner pg 6-10

American G-Men (part 1) by Joel Bevan pg 12- 15

Smilin' Jack (Or "R-4, Go Home!) by Les Davis pg 18-23

Wacky Placks (The Original "Wacky" Cards) by Bill Christensen pg 24-26


Issue #244 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2009)

Vintage Movie Poster Cards (Breygent) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Magic Pictures (1955 Bowman) by Bill Christensen pg 8-10

America at War (1942 stripcard series) by Joel Bevan pg 12-16

How We Collect by Bill Bengen pg 17

Crime cards, 1934- (A Fatal Year for Gangsters) by Davis pg 18-22

Challenge of the Yukon Dog Cards by Bob Legacy pg 23

Sport Cards in Non-Sports sets by Bill Christensen pg 24-26


Issue #243 (May 15 - July 1, 2009)

Cops and Robbers (R36 Fleer Laughs Off the Great Depression) by Davis pg 6-9

Mini Stickers, Topps- (Irish Version and the Rest of the Story) by Marc Simon pg 10-15

How to Collect on a Budget by Bill Christensen pg 16-17

To Share or Not To Share (Online comments) by Davis pg 18-21

Nightmare of Warfare, The- (A strip card set from 1938) by Joel Bevan


Issue #242 (Apr 1 - May 15, 2009)

Saunders, Norman (Book about the classic Pulp Cover & Card painter) by Kuersteiner pg 8-12

Eclipse Enterprises (The Story cont.) by Joel Bevan pg 14-17

World War 1 Scenes (T121, from Les Online) by Les Davis pg 18- 23

Baloney Ads (The Canadian Version of Foney Ads) by Marc Simon pg 24-29

Three Finds (E123, R158, R172) by Terry Mitchell pg 30-32


Issue #241 (Feb 15 - Apr 1, 2009)

Adams Family Vs. Munsters (My First Non-Sports Memory) by Jim Rehder pg 4-5

Funny Foldees (Nine cards for a penny!) by Bill Christensen pg 6-8

Prisoner's Patrick McGoohan, The- (A Life In Full) by Kuersteiner pg 10-12

Eclipse Enterprises (The story of-) by Joel Bevan pg 14-17

Put-On Stickers & their Irish Reissue (Topps 1968 & Other reissues) by Marc Simon pg 22-27


Issue #240 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2009)

Flash Gordon Test Cards (Topps 1968) by Kuersteiner pg 6-8

Batman A&BC Variations (1966 UK cards) by Bill Oliver pg 12-13

Stampers Saver Cards (Treasury of Stamps cards) by Todd Riley pg 14-15

Fleer (When Fleer Was Almost King) by Bill Christensen pg 20-25

Dixie Lids (1940s Duotone Military Cards cont.)by Gil Maines pg 26-31


Issue #239 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2009)

U.S. Naval Victories (Bowman 1954) by Joel Bevan pg 8-12

Casper (The Friendly Ghost cards) by Bill Christensen pg 14-16

Goudey Gum Co. Cards (A Goudey Primer) by Les Davis pg 18-23

Cracked, Majik Fold Pictures, & Marvel Super Heroes (Oddball Nonsports) by Jeff & Bob Marks pg 24-31

Zoom (1940s duotone Military cards, Victory, Aviation) by Gil Maines pg 34-39


Issue #238 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2008)

30 Years, A Look Back (30th Anniversary review) by Jenny Davis pg 5

Oddball Monster Card Mischief (New Hammer, Dark Shadows Orange, Golden Book, Godzilla, X-Files Movie) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Civil War News (Images from) by Joel Bevan pg 8-11

Saunders Cards, Norm- (based on the new book) by David Saunders pg 12-14

Wrapper Article Index, The- (Issues 1-238) by Davis pg 22-25

Universal Studios Monster Stickers (Chupa Chupa) by Michael Monahan pg 26-28

My Greatest Finds (found Trick or Treating) by David Easteria pg 30-33


Issue #237 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2008)

Rails & Sails (Hard vs. Easy Numbers, the Uncut Sheet) by Steve Immerso pg 5

Mego Museum Cards (A new series on the 1970s action figures) by Kuersteiner pg 8-11

Tarzan the the Crystal Vault of Isis (R-147) by Joel Bevan pg 12-16

Stick-Its, Fleer- (Crazy Stickers) by Michael Harris pg 22-23


Issue #236 (July 1 -August 15, 2008)

Isolation Booth (Topps 1957 "Gee Whiz Quiz" set) by Joel Bevan pg 6-11

Recent Price Guides (A Guide to them) by Kuersteiner pg 12-15

Alphabet Puzzle issue, Somerville- (V149) by Bobby Burrell pg 16-17

Little Debbie (American Hero Update) by Dave Wilcox pg 23


Issue #235 (May 15 - July 1, 2008)

Allies in Action (1940s Strip Cards) by Davis & The Forum pg 6-10

Classic Card Backs by Kuersteiner pg 12-13

Beverly Hillbillies, The (A Tale of Two Sets) by Joel Bevan pg 14-17

50 American Heroes Cards (Little Debbie Snakes) by Michael Harris pg 21

A&BC Cards from UK (Collecting Them...) by Nigel Mercer & Kuersteiner pg 22-26

Popsicle Spac-Shots Set by Rich Leiby pg 28-29


Issue #234 (Apr. 1 - May 15, 2008)

Toxic High (Topps' Last Hurrah!) by Kuersteiner pg 8-13

Rails and Sails by Bob Nolan pg 14-16

Wacky Labels (The Wacky Without the Package) by Marc Simon pg 22-26

Mini Stickers & Nutty Tickets (Topps: The Rest of the Story) by Marc Simon pg 28-32


Issue #233 (Feb 15 - April 1, 2008)

Hugh Jones, age 75, remembered (Death of a Salesman) by various pg 4-8

Aliens Vs Predator vs The Golden Compass (review of Aliens vs Predator & The Golden Compass movie cards) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Jets, Rockets & Spacemen (The Extension set discussed, cards 145-180 of JRS) by Joel Bevan pg 12-15

Vote Stickers, 1972 Donruss- (an Oddball series in a historic year) by Marc Simon pg 10-23

Pirates, Novel Package Company- by Dan Hollanbeck pg 24-26

Flippers Magic Fish, More- (Topps 1966) by Marc Simon pg 28-30


Issue #232 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2008)

Jets-Rockets-Spacemen, Looking Back At! (Bowman) by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

Laugh-In (Topps) by Robert Rightmire pg 10-14

Firefighters (Bowman) by Joel Bevan pg 20-23

Bill Cain (Collector Profile) by Cian/ Davis pg 25-28


Issue #231 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2008)

David Grimes (Remembered) by Les Davis pg 6-7

All American Space Fleet (Skelly) by Reinhold Hohnsbein pg 8-10

Alan Miley (Collector Profile) by Miley pg 12-15


Issue #230 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2007)

Uranus Strikes Cards (Collecting Cards From Uranus) by Kuersteiner pg 5-7

Nu-Card (2nd and Final part on Dinosaurs, Wanted, & Horror Monsters) by Marks pg 12-16

Antique Autos, 1953(Bowman) by Joel Bevan pg24-28


Issue #229 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2007)

Oddball Monster Cards, Order of the (more offbeat monster cards) by Kuersteiner pg 4-6

Floy Toy (the Nu-card series) by Marks pg 8-14

Love Links (Donruss) by Donald Onodi pg 15-16

Food Glorious Food (issues) by Roger McCalmont pg 24-25

What every happened to the Artwork from Guernsey's 1997 card Auction? by Marc Simon pg 26-27


Issue #228 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2007)

Space Patrol (complete set sold for $4,437.00) by Hakes.com pg 4

Kerr's Butter Scotch (R-9, 1940) by Dick Dahlquist pg 5

Catalog Your Collection, How & Why to- by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Batman, pt 2. (4 sets from the 1960s) by Joel Bevan pg 8-11

Super Heroes, Topps- (Comic Book Heroes) by David Duddy pg 12-15

Burdic Files, The Jefferson- ("Changing of the Guard") by Chris Benjamin pg 19-21

"Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans", Food Cards and- ("F" cards) by Davis pg 22-25

Falls Church Deli (Remembering the corner card store) by Spencer Hyndman pg 26-27

Wrapper articles 201-227, An Alphabetical Index to The- (by Les Davis) g 74-75


Issue #227 (May 15 - July 1, 2007)

Spook Stories Stickers (My Favorite Find) by Kuersteiner pg 6-8

Batman, pt 1. (4 sets from the 1960s) by Joel Bevan pg 10-13

Wings Cards, 1952 Topps- (A theory on 3rd & 4th series printing) by Peter D'Luhosch pg 14-16

Mother's Cookies Story, The- by Bill Christensen pg 18-22


Issue #226 (April 1 to May 15, 2007)

Monsterfaces cards (What's Looking Back At You?) by Mike Fitzpatrick pg 6-7

American Beauties Variation (Gum, Inc. Good Girl cards) by Marks pg 8-11

Wacky Phenomenon, The- (Wacky packages) by Dave Cullen pg 12-15

"New Insults" Back-Slapper Stickers, Fleer- by Marc Simon pg 18-21

Who-Z-At-Star cards by Scott Thomas pg 22-25


Issue #225 (Feb 15 to April 1, 2007)

Government Agents vs. Public Enemies (R61 cards) by Joel Bevan pg 6-8

3 Unlikely Musketeers (Dukes of Hazzard, Garbage Pail Kids, & Batman Returns boxes) by Marks pg 10-15

Sci-Fi & Horror Movie Poster Cards (by Breygent Marketing) by Kuersteiner pg 18-19

Angry Stickers, Topps- (Sequel to Quirks & Origin article issue #221) by Marc Simon pg 20-22


Issue #224 (Jan 1st to Feb 15, 2007)

To Grade, or Not to Grade? (The pros and especially cons of slabbing) by Todd Riley pg 5

Gilligan & Other Thoughts (also Hogan's Heroes thoughts) by Jim Rehder pg 6-7

Monster sets, 3 New Movie- (Godzilla by Comic Images, Frankenstein by Artbox, and Monster Box, vol. 2) by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

MAD about MAD, Simply- (Various Mad magazine sets) by Dave Cullen pg 10-11

King of the Wild Frontier (Interview with Paul DeVito on Davy Crockett cards) by Bill Bengen pg 12-14

Heroes of History, Men of History (T68 Tobacco cards) by Frank Evanov pg 18-21

Mad Caps (Irish Reissue of Nutty Initials) by Peter Boulay pg 23


Issue #223 (Nov 1 - Dec. 25, 2006)

Early Guides: A Pictorial (pix of early price guides) by Davis pg 6-13

Get 'Em Graded (An open letter about overgrading that fuels the slabbing trend) by Jeff Sherman pg 15

Card Collecing Memories (of 1960s cards) by James Jarvie pg 20-24


Issue #222 (Oct 1 - Nov. 15, 2006)

How Not to Act In An Auction (NonSports Update Auction) by Roxanne Toser pg 4

Oddball Monsters, Plante of the- (cards) by Kuersteiner pg 6,7

Angry Stickers, Topps- (Quirks and Origin) by Marc Simon pg 8-12

Bond Bread Memorabilia by D.R. Collett pg 14-16

Jolly Roger Pirates (60 Years After) by Joel Bevan pg 20-23


Issue #221 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2006)

Popsicle Space Cards (Topps photo version) by Marks pg 4-6

UFO (Gerry Anderson's TV show set by Cards, Inc.) by Kuersteineer pg 8-9

First Column Defenders (Goudey Gum) by Davis pg 10-14

Make Your Own Name Stickers, Follow Up on- (more info by Peterson & Simon pgs 18-20


Issue #220 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2006)

Hot Rods/ Target Moon/ Who Am I (pink back cards by Topps) by Marks pg 4-13

Terrorist Attacks! (1987 Piedmont Candy cards) by Kuersteiner pg 14-15

Superman 1966 (The Man of Steel cards by Topps) by Joel Bevan pg 18-21

Make Your Own Name Stickers (Topps) by Marks pg 22-24


Issue #219 (May 15- July1, 2006)

World In Arms, The (R173) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Ugly Stickers/ Make Your Own Name, Topps- stickers by Pete Boulay pg 9-15

Man From Uncle sheet theories by Steven Schwartz pg 18-20


Issue #218 (Apr 1 - May 15, 2006)

Flags of the World and Crazy Cards by Marks pg 4-8

Amazing Stories pulps (An Amazing History in Cards) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Get Smart Secret Agent Kits (an uncut sheet) by Marc Simon pg 12-13

Why Do We Love Our Story Cards? (non-sport cards with story backs) by Bill Bengen pg 14-15

Tobacco Card Mystery, A- (asking for help identifying a card) by Pete Boulay pg 16

Snoots Cards (short runs, etc) by Marc Simon pg 21


Issue #217 (Feb 15 - April 1, 2006)

By the Numbers: Single, Double or Triple Prints (of Superman, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Daniel Boone, Gee Whiz Quiz, Hot Rods) by Marks pg 4-9

Wells, The Art of H.G.- (The End of the Epic?) by Mike Fitzpatrick pg 10-13

Surprise From Coal Country, A- (an older find of 1940s/ 50s wrappers sold in the Wrapper in 1982) by Benjamin pg 19-22


Issue #216 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2006)

8mm Movie Box Cover Art (The Monster Box) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Tip-Top Bread Cards, A Quick Look At- (1954) by Davis pg 13-16

Elvis (R710-1 Topps 1956) by Seth Kaminsky pg 18-19

Mad Hot Rods (1968 New Zealand stickers) by John Mellard pg 20-21


Issue #215 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2006)

Christmas Decorations (Post Cereal premium F278-4) by Todd Riley pg 7

Warplane Collectors Club, The- (1989 Edito Services) by Dick Dahlquist pg 9

Pirates Picture Bubble Gum (Gum inc. 1936) by Joel Bevan pg 12-15

Weird Wheels (Topps 1980) by Pete Boulay pg 18-21


Issue #214 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2005)

Oddball Monster Card 13! (off beat monster cards) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Fighting Marines (2nd and final part) by Dave Owen pg 8-14

Superman In The Jungle (Further Adventures of) by Marks p 18-20


Issue #213 (Aug 15 - Oct. 1, 2005)

Snoots cards (Checklist discovered) by Michael Harris pg 4

Zorror (Sheet distribution) by Marks pg 8-12

Worlds of Stamps (Donruss 1962) by Pete Boulay pg 13

Oesterheld, The Life & Times of Hector- (The Nostradamus of Non-sports) by Kuersteiner pg 14-15

Red Menace (R701-12) The Extension Set by Hugh Jones pg 18-21

Fighting Marines (A Canadian remember the 1952 Topps set; part 1) by Dave Owen pg 22-28


Issue #212 (July 1 - Aug. 15, 2005)

Superman In The Jungle, Norm Saunders and- (The story behind the test set) by David Sauders pg 4-10

Wagner?, Who Was John D.- (the grand old non-sport collector) by Chris Benjamin pg 12-16

Horror Monster vs. Monster Blue Cards (A HORRORible MONSTER Controversy) by Kuersteiner pg 18-20

War Of The Worlds cards, The Art of H.G.Wells (Interview about the new sci-fi art series by Monsterwax) by Joel Bevan pg 22-26


Issue #211 (May 15 - July 1, 2005)

World On Wheels, Topps- by Marks pg 4-9

Grossing Out on Garbage Pail Kids (new 4 series by Topps) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

American Beauties by Joel Bevan pg 12-15

Puzzles and Tricks (New info on R119) by Hugh Jones pg 18-19

Comic Gum Cards by Chuck Ross pg 20-22


Issue #210 (April 1 - May 15, 2005)

Burdick, Jefferson- (the grandfather of modern card collecting) by Chris Benjamin pg 6-9

Twilight Zone (Science and Superstition series by Rittenhouse review) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Nutty and Love Initials (Topps non-US issues and their quirks) by Marc Simon pg 12-16

Card Collector's Wife, The- by Terry Riley pg 18-19

US of Alf (1988 cards) by Peter Boulay pg 22


Issue #209 (Feb 15 - April 1, 2005)

Macaluso, Mark (A Cardboard Renaissance Man Remembered) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Gum Inc. & WW2 (Uncle Sam Home Defense & War Gum) by Joel Bevan pg 8-14

My Greatest Card Find (Unbelievable!) by Albert Gomolka Jr. pg 19


Issue #208 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2005)

Bowman of Gum, Inc., J. Warren- (The Bubble Gum King) by Marks pg 4-9

Batman, Going Batty Over- (Vintage Topps Batman cards) by Kuersteiner pg 10-13

Wacky Packages (1979-80) by Pete Boulay pg 18-20


Issue #207 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2005)

Funny Monsters/ Push-Pull/ Hit Stars (Counting Cards) by Marks pg 6-12

WINGS, Flying Hight With Cardboard (Wings by Topps) by Kuersteiner pg 14-15

Good Guys and Bad Guys (Rest in Peace) by Joel Bevan pg 16-20

Big Alarm Candy, R191- by Chuck Ross pg 22-23


Issue #206 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2004)

Oddball Monster Cards!, Curse Of The- by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

Our Gang Grows Up by Marks pg 10-14

War News Pictures Advertings Pieces by Chuck Ross pg 16-17

We've Come A Long Way, Maybe by Jim Nicewader pg 18-19

America Salutes The FBI by Joel Bevan pg 20-25


Issue #205 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2004)

Outer Limits & TV Westerns (odd-numbered sets updated) by Marks pg 4-8

Chronicles of Riddick Review by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Jets and The Rockets and The Spacemen, The- by Joel Bevan pg 12-16

Davy Crockett (Ambush! Ambush!) by Bill Bengen pg 18-19


Issue #204 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2004)

Van Helsing vs. Hellboy (Monster Cop Cards!) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Battle & Rat Patrol (War Sets Updated) by Marks pg 8-12

Aviation Chewing Gum Missing Info Checklist, A-401- by Dahlquist pg 13

President Portrait Cards (General Mills, 1964) by Wilson pg 16-17

DC Super Powers (Kenner & Marvel Super Heroes from General Mills) by Wilson pg 18

X-Files VHS insert Premium cards (1996-98) by Wilson pg 19

Confessions of a Cardohoic by Don Norton pg 20-21


Issue #203 (May 15 - July 2004)

Get Smart, A Closer Look by Marks pg 8-13

Controversial Card-sized Comics, Collecting- (Chick tracts) by Kuersteiner pg 14-15

"V" They're Here! Sticker Card Variations by Bill Oliver pg 16-17


Issue #202 (Apr. 1 - May, 2004)

Paypal Pain, How to Prevent- by Kuersteiner pg 7-8

Bring 'Em Back Alive by Joel Bevan pg 10-13

Famous Moments in American History, R46- by Chuck Ross pg 16-18

My Greatest Find by Dave Owen pg 20-23


Issue #201 (Feb 15 - Apr 1, 2004)

You'll Die Laughing, Again and Again (All 3 series by Topps) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Krazy Pennants, Oh Those- (1967 Topps) by Marc Simon pg 9-11

Should You Get Your Story Cards Professionally Graded? (Naked vs. PSA cards) by Bill Bengen pg 12-18

Non-Sport of Not Non-Sport? (Stamps of the West, Associated Oil Co.) by Todd Riley pg 20-21

Family Classics (Burger Chef, 1972) by Wilson pg 30

Snack Pack Pudding cards (Hunts, 2002) by Wilson pg 31


Issue #200 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2004)

200 Issues: Making Our Marks (The Wrapper's early days) by Marks pg 10-12

Congratulations to The Wrapper (A retrospective) by Denis Kramer pg 13-14

Disney Classic Collectible Card Set (Suncoast video) by Wilson pg 15

Sci-Fi Cards of the Past, Present and... (Outer Limits Sex & Cyborgs, Irwin Allen Preview) by Kuersteiner pg 16-17

Wrapper Article Index, The- (abridged index of all issues up to 200) pg 18-20

Happy Meal Treading cards (McDonalds 1999-2003) by Wilson pg 22-23

Miniature Color Prints of Famous War Posters (Associated Oil Co.) by Todd Riley pg 24-25


Issue #199 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2004)

Star Wars Card #297 (The "obscene" C-3PO card) by Nolan pg 7

Gerani, Gary (The Rest of the Story) by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

World On Wheels (The Fabulous Super-High-Numbered W.O.W. Redbacks) by Bill Bengen pg 10-11

Don't Let It Happen Here (the new series) by Joel P. Bevan pg 12-16

Madcaps Pogs 1994, Topps (128) by Pete Boulay pg 18-19

German Cigarette Cards (Four Sets of Cards That Primed Germans for WW2) by Saul Zalesch pg 20-22


Issue #198 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2003)

Reprint of 1st Wrapper (Oct 1978) pg 10-11

Parkhurst, Parkies, Zip! (Parkhurst sets of 1951 - 1964) by Bob Burrell pg 16-19

Oddball Monsters Card, Ghost of- (Texta, Heavy Metal Monsters, Monster Masterpieces, Night Slasher, and unknown Ed-U-Cards) by Kuersteiner pg 20-21

Sunshine Cracker & Shredded Wheat cards (1930s- 1950s) by Wilson pg 22

Disneyland & Disney World sets (Kodak 1990s) by Wilson pg 23

Alphabet Cards (1927-1929) by Wilson pg 24

Rescue Heroes card sets (Fisher Price, 1998/ 2000) by Wilson pg 25

Wacky Pack Census, A-(ownership poll of Wackys) pg 27


Issue #197 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2003)

Spooky Sequel Sets (Terror Monster, Horror Monster & 60s Sci-fi sets) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Wacky Packs backs (Ludlow patterns) pg 9-12 by Andrew Relkin

Bond Bread Blotters pt 2 (1940s & 50s Bond issues) by Wilson pg 14-16

Card Detective's Forum by Wilson pg 17

Are some cards so worthless that they may become scarce and valuable? (editorial by Saul Zalesch) pg 19

My Greatest Find (by Bill Christensen) pg 21


Issue #196 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2003)

Fighting Machines of the USA (Mutoscope) by Marks pg 6-11

Dinosaurs Attack (a retrospective) by Kuersteiner pg 12-15

Indian Gum (Collecting the Goudey series by the subject) by Alan Miley pg 16-18

Aviation Chewing Gum (V-401 Canadian series, 1942) by Dick Dahlquist pg 20-23

Thurston Magic Box of Candy (R183) by Chuck Ross pg 24-26


Issue #195 (May 15- July 1, 2003)

Comic Cartoons (W431) by Marks pg 6-9

Prisoner, Escape of the- (Prisoner set by Cards Inc.) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Red Menace, Fight The- (comments on its accuracy) by Joel Bevan pg 12-13


Issue #194 (April 1 - May 15, 2003)

United Nations Battle Planes (New info on V407) by H. Jones pg 6-7

Battlestar Galactica Series 2 (Topps) by Marks pg 8-13

Scooby-Doo, Then and Now (2 new sets by Inkworks) by Kuersteiner pg 14-15

Silly Stickers, Topps- (Unpublished Variations) by Marc Simon pg 16-17

Davy Crockett Cards 1955 (Further Crockett tales) by Dave Owen pg 18-21


Issue #193 (Feb 15 - April 1, 2003)

Movie Giant Pin-Ups, Now Showing- (by Topps) by Marks pg 8-11

Mail Order Manners (Singing the Card Return Blues) by Kuersteiner pg 12-13

Chiller Club Cards (Nestle Keen) by Wilson pg 14

Beautiful People STickers (Fleer) by Wilson pg 15

Olympic Sport Medallions (General Mills '96, '97) by Wilson pg 17

eBay Live/ Do It eBay (2002) by Wilson pg 17

Bottoms Up Checklist, A- (Fleer) by Paul Weig pg 18-19


Issue #192 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2002)

Wild West, A Wild Time With- (Bowman set) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Storage Systems for Story Cards (storing slabbed cards) by Bill Bengen pg 8-9


Issue #191 (Nov 15 - Jan 1, 2003)

Death of a Haunted House! (Haunted House Tales) by Kuersteiner pg 6-7

Tattoos, Non-Sport (Alvin, Gubmy, Woody Woodpecker, Justice League & Pirate tattoos) by Marks pg 8-11

Wise Guy Buttons, Topps- (& Sassy Buttons) by Simon pg 12-15


Issue #190 (Oct 1 - Nov 15, 2002)

Oddball Monster Card Marathon! (more unusual monster cards) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

Dinosaur Cards (Trackways of the Terrible Lizards) by Mark Riley pg 12-14


Issue #189 (Aug 15 - Oct 1, 2002)

Cracking Open The Vault (Topps ebay auctions) by Agyropoulos pg 5

Wild Man, Wild About- (Bowman set) by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

D.C. Comic Heroes, Secret Origins of- by Marks pg 10-13

Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica Sets by Wilson pg 14-15

Air-Lines Kits/ Cards (1964-1966) by Dahlquist pg 16-17

Nutty Inititials (the Test Series) by Simon pag 18-20

Hit Spit Swear Scratch & Steal (baseball parody cards by Confex) by Wilson pg 21


Issue #188 (July 1 - Aug 15, 2002)

American Pie, Spirit of America (Topps 2nd Series) by Marks pg 6-10

Dinosaur Card Hunter by Kuersteiner pg 12-13

Superman Meets the Lone Ranger (and Mickey Mouse) by Nolan pg 14-16

Hanna-Barbera Sets (new & old) by Wilson pg 18-19


Issue #187 (May 15 - July 1, 2002)

True Spy Stories (2 new wrappers) by Marks pg 6-9

Scoops! (Getting the Scoop on a classic set) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

G-Men & Heroes of the Law (Gumcards Noir) by Bob Nolan pg 12-15

Guiding Example: Insight or Insanity (Price Guide plea) by Watson pg 16-19

Davy Crockett pt 2 (final part) by Owen pg 20-23

Card Detective's Forum (Notes on various sets) by Wilson pg 25-27


Issue #186 (Apr 1 - May 15, 2002)

Shmoo Debate 2 Redux by Lonnie Cummins pg 6

Outer Limits cards (by Rittenhouse) by Kuersteiner pg 8-9

True Spy Stories (R156) by Watson pg 11-13

Davy Crockett pt 1 (Recollecting the cards & the phenomenon) by Owen pg 14-18


Issue #185 (Feb 15 - Mar 31, 2002)

Sea Raiders (R124 & V359) by Watson pg 5-8

Dark Shadows (the various issues) by Kuersteiner pg 10-11

American Pie (Topps) by Marks pg 12-17

Card Detective's Forum (Notes on various sets) by Wilson pg 18-19

Quaker Muffets Circus Punch-out sets (1951-1953) by Wilson pg 20-21


Issue #184 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2002)

Spec Sheet (Hot Rod) by Marks pg 5

War Gum (The End of an area?) by Chris Watson pg 6-9

Wacky Pack Recap #6 (2 new lost Wackys) by Argyropoulos pg 10-12

X-files Season 6, & Xena Season 6 (X-cellent Sets) by Kuersteiner pg 14-15

Felix the Cat (boxes) by Marks pg 16-18

Presidents R115 (A tough and mysterious little set) by Ross pg 20-22

Bond Bread Blotters, pt 1. by Wilson pg 28

Kool Aid Sugar Free Cards (early 1990s) by Wilson pg 29


Issue #183 (Nov 15, 2001)

Strange True Stories, Believe it or Not (R21 & R144) by Chris Watson pg 11-14

Lucy & Pranky Products, Laughing With- (Review) by Kuersteiner pg 16-17

Jiggly Buttons (Test Box) by Marks pg 18

Wise Guy Buttons by Marks pg 19

5 cent America Salutes the FBI (Heroes of the Law Wrapper) by Marks pg 20-22

Bazooka Joe Stickers (Topps 1995) by Wison pg 28

Dragon's Lair Stickers (How do you define a set pt 6) by Wison pg 29


Issue #182 (Oct 1, 2001 - Nov 15, 2001)

Flags of the World, R714-5 Topps- (card distribution on a sheet) by Marks pg 6-9

Action Gum, R1- (Goudey or Goudy) by Chris Watson pg 10-12

Topps Subscription 2nd Series (Novelty Assortment) by Marks pg 14-17

Oddball Monstercard Millennium (Monsters & Mysteries, Myth or Real?, Hot Schlock sets) by Kuersteiner pg 18-19

Buitoni Cartoon Figurettes (F360) by Mark Angert pg 20

Four Patriotic Non-Sports sets (Know your Presidents, Early American Money, Presidents, American Heroes) by Wilson pg 26-28

Huckleberry Hound Fun Cards (Kellogg's Corn Flakes) by Wilson pg 29


Issue #181 (Aug 15, 2001 - Oct 1, 2001)

US Customs Canine Enforcement Dog checklist (1999) by Wilson pg 6

Combat! by Don Norton pg 8-10

A Peek into Card Collecting's Past (Burdick's 1939 Card Collector's Catalog) by Alan Miley pg 12-14

Mega Movie Sets, Summer (Jurassic Park 3, Tomb Raider, & Planet of the Apes) by Kuersteiner pg 16-17

Lefferts Novelty Boxes (R192) by Chuck Ross pg 18-19

James Bond Set (On Her Majesty's Secret Servicet) by Charles Helfenstein pg 20-21

Firefighters (K.F. Byrnes/ Topps) by Wilson pg 22-23

Premium Pog File pt 2, The- (Cereal Issues) by Wison pg 24-25


Issue #180 (July 1, 2001 - Aug 15, 2001)

Boy Scouts (R26) by Chris Watson pg 8-11

Adventures of Mickey Mouse (D52) by Ralph Perry pg 13-16

Red Menace, Fight The- (Printing Errors) by Marks pg 20-21

iTradecards.com by Kuersteiner pg 23

US Customs Enforcement Dog Sets (1991-1999) by Wilson pg 28-32


Issue #179 (May 15 - July 1, 2001

G-Men and Heroes of the Law (Reopening the Unsolved Case of $60) by Chris Watson pg 13-18

X-Files Seasons 4/5 & The Mummy Returns (Two new Inkworks sets reviewed) by Kuersteiner pg 20-21

Lone Ranger Coupons by Dale Henthorne pg 22-23

Carnation Corn Flakes Airplain Set (42 or 43 cards?) by Richard Dahquist pg 24-26


Issue #178 (Apr 1 - May 15, 2001)

Movie Stars and Scenes (New information on R94-2) by Hugh Jones p5

Elvis Collection Checklist (all three series by River Group sorted) by Albert Joseph pg 6

G-Men and Heroes of the Law (More on R60) by Chris Watson pg 11-14

Package Parodies, Crazy Times With- (Interview with Package Parodies creator Mark Newlon) by Kuersteiner pg 16-17

Bazooka Joe Cards 1976 (the back variations) by Wilson pg 25

American Heritage Sets 1961 (Oversized box sets of Planes, Trains, Steamboats & Autos) by Wilson pg 26-27

Jumbo Trading Card sets by Dynamic Toy (Jumbo Popeye, Flintstones, Disney Characters, Believe It Or Not, Barbie & Ken) by Wilson pg 28-29


Issue #177 (Feb 15 - Apr 1, 2001)

The Lone Ranger (R83) by Chris Watson p9-11

Charmed, Wild Wild West & T-Zone Next Dimension reviews (Witches, Cowboys & Zone cards) by Kuersteiner p12-13

Astronaut Patches (Kelloggs 1969 update) by Wilson p15

T-Shirt Factory Iron-ons & Flopps (2 failed Test issues) by Marks p16-19

Good Luck Margarine Cards (F332-1: 1950s variations) by Rich Dahlquist p20-21

Star Trek Playmates Cards (From action figures 1993-1997) by Wilson p22-26

Our Gang - Hershey's Ice Cream (F58, 1928-1931) by Wilson p27

Superman TV boxes (more notes on the test issue) by Tony Seger p28-30

Mini Stickers & Nutty Tickets, Topps- (The Incomplete story) by Marc Simon p32-36


Issue #176 (Jan 1 - Feb 15, 2001)

Astronaut Patches (Kellogg's circa 1969) by Wilson p7

Hogan's Heroes (Col. Clink Memorial) by Kuersteiner p9

Test Wrappers (Superman/ Adam 12/ Emergency) by Marks p10-14

Wonders of the World & American Marvel of Nature (1960s Nabisco) by Wilson p15

Sky Birds (R136) by Chris Watson p16-20

Premium Pogg File, The- (part 1) by Wilson p21

Funny Travel Posters (part 2) by Mark Simon p22-23

Shmoo (not Schmoo) Cards by John Wood p24-25

Polack Brothers Circus 3-D Cards (1953 & 1954) by Wilson p26-27

Nutty Initials Notes (Non -Sports, the Way It's Supposed to Be) by Marc Simon p28-29


Issue #175 (Nov 15- Jan 1, 2001)

Big Bad Buttons (& Bouncing Buttons) by Marks p10-13

Census, 1930s-40s Card- (Survey) by Chris Watson by p15-17

Monster Kard Kwiz, 1960s- by Kuersteiner p18-19

Card Detective Forum, The- by Wilson p20-26

Schmoo Cards by Mark Angert p27

Wrapper Article Index, The- (150-174) by Kuersteiner p28-30


Issue #174 (Oct 1- Nov 15, 2000)

Popeye Comics part 2 (R113) by Val DeCarlo p4

Horrors of War (R69) "The Standard of the Era" by Chris Watson p9-13

Oddball Monster Card Resurrection (Matrix, Inflatable Stickers, Horror Monster promos, Japanese Universal, Fright'ning Lightnings, Your Latest Picture) by Kuersteiner p15-17

Star Wars Sets Episode 2, The "other- (Food issues) by Wilson p18-21

Love Initials Stickers (Topps 1969) by Wilson p25

Fighter Planes (Topps Test issue) by Marks p26-27


Issue #173 (Aug 15- Oct 1, 2000)

Popeye Comics Box (R113) by Bruce p4

Wacky Pack Counterfeits by Paul Argyropoulos p7

Sci-fi Sets, Hot Summer- (Buffy Reflections, Battlefield Earth, Titan A.E., Farscape 1) by Kuersteiner p8-9

Henry cards (1936) by Chris Watson p10-11


Issue #172 (Jul 1- Aug 15, 2000)

Cisco & Pancho, Collecting- by Ralph Perry p7-11

Popeye Comics (R113) by Val DeCarlo p12-14

Nazi Cards (Sets you do "Not See" Often) by Kuersteiner p16-17

eBay, Understanding (thoughts about the future of eBay) by Ron Wilson p20-22

Mail Order Blues & Outer Limits, The- (Memories on mail order blues) by Jeff Kurta p25-26

Home Defense (Quaker F279-7) Checklist by Richard Dahiquist p27


Issue #171 (May 15-Jul 1, 2000)

Wacky Pack Mystery Solved (Removed 5th series Wacky sticker?) by Paul Argyropoulos p9-10

Card-O (R112 Airplanes) by Joe Jancuska & Davis p12-14

Dune & Twin Peaks ( Twin Dunes: The Cards of David Lynch) by Kuersteiner p16-17

Nutty Initials: Mystery Solved (48 in Nutty set) by Marc Simon p18-20

Michael Jackson Test 3-D Placks by Jeff & Bob Marks p22-24


Issue #170 (Apr 1- May 15, 2000)

Best Worst Sets, The (All time most stupid sets) by Kuersteiner p10-11

Mickey Mouse vs. Micky Rat (Gum, Inc. R89 & R90) by Perry p12-14

Monster Initial Stickers (Topps, 1974) by Jeffery Bradley p16-18

Wacky Pack Recap (Overview of how well Wackys are selling) by Argyropoulos p20-21

Non-Sport Playing Cards (Monkees, Man from Uncle, Green Hornet) by Roger McCalmont p23

My Mail-Away 7 Foot Roommate (Fun False Advertising of Yesteryear) by Kuersteiner p25


Issue #169 (Feb 15-Apr 1, 2000)

World War Gum (V359) The CANADIAN version by Hugh Jones p5-6

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (A brief review of the Dart set) by Kuersteiner p6

Odd Rod Review, An- (Donruss cards circa 1970s) by Kuersteiner p14-15

Five Favorite Sets (of collector) Ralph Perry p16-22

Pokemon, Why I Hate- (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Termites) by Kuersteiner p23


Issue #168 (Jan 1- Feb 15, 2000)

Big Little Book Cards (A Retrospective of R23) by Hugh Jones p9-10 (checklist finished in issue #169)

Chilling Cards for Christmas (Sleepy Hollow, Blair Witch Project, Twilight Zone, and Hammer Horror 40th reviews) by Kuersteiner p12-13

Lionel Train Cards Revisited (The 1950s set) by Perry p14-16

Aviator & Airplane Cards by H.J. Heinz & Co., The- (Heinz Airplane Cards) by Val DeCarlo p18-22

Wrapper Profile (About Richard Dahlquist) by Davis p23

Rounding Up Roundup (Some Observations about an Uncut Sheet) by Dave Owen p27-29

Free & Inexpensive Non-Sport Card Finds (Grist Mill "Dinosaurs", Oscar Mayer "Pokemon", Minnesota State Fair "Dept. of Transportation", Capital Cards "105th Congress") by Judy Bartolett p30-31


Issue #167 (Nov 15- Jan 1, 2000)

Wacky Pack Flashback (Philly show convention's "mini-convention") by Paul Argyopoulos p10-11

Wiley Post & Will Rogers cards (cards and telegraph report of the two) by Hugh Jones p12-13

Testing, testing 1-2-3-4 (Test pack updates on Kung Fu, Mod Initial Stickers, & Wacky Wanted Stickers) by Marks p14-16

Howdy Doody Cereal Trading Cards (Case of the missing Capt. Windy card) by Perry p17

Collecting Stuff 4 Fun & Fascination (different popular collectibles) by Kuersteiner p18-19

Lionel Train Cards (Sorting out a 1950s Mystery) by Perry p20-23

Huckleberry Hound Fun Cards (from Kellogg's Corn Flakes in 1959) by Perry p24-26


Issue #166 (Oct 1- Nov 15, 1999)

Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corporation (The History of-) by Marks p9-14

Oddball Monster Card Project, The- (Creatures of Legend, Unexplained Mysteries, Disney Adventures, Universal Monster flickers & action figures) by Kuersteiner p17-18

Space Patrol (Collecting Space Patrol food insert cards, stamps, comics & premiums) by Ralph Perry p18-24

Star Trek TNG series, It's Finished! (review of series 1-7, especially 7) by Jim Nicewander p26

Collect! Magazine, It's Finished! (history of Collect! Magazine, now closing) by Jim Nicewander p27

Western Roundup! (The Last Roundup! part 3) by Dave Owen p29-30

Yum Yum Desert Box Cards (more unknown F series cards) by Mark Angert p33


Issue #165 (Aug 15-Oct 1, 1999)

Movie Stars (by World Wide Gum Inc. of Quebec?) checklist by Andrew Pywowarczuk p7

Spy vs. Spy (Austin Powers vs. Wild Wild West) by Kuersteiner p8-9

Errors and Variation Cards, Collecting- (for fun and completeness) by Perry p11-13

Babylon 5 Series 1 & Mars Attacks Archives (Unopened Box Scarcity) by Steven Soifer pg 14-15

Texas John Slaughter (Parkhurst, Canada) checklist by Andrew Pywowarczuk p16-18

Roundup Roundup part 2 (Remembering Western Roundup) by Dave Owen p19-23


Issue #164 (July 1-Aug 15, 1999)

Prisoner/ Secret Agent Man (It Takes A Village to Make A Prison) by Kuersteiner p6-7

Fake '50s Cereal Boxes with Non-Sports Links Emerging Out West (Laser Counterfeit "Mini-Boxes") by Ralph Perry p9-10

Roundup Roundup! (part 1 of a Canadian's recollection of Western Roundup cards) by Dave Owen p11-14

Charlie's Angels cards (Looking Back) by Davis p15

National Parks Trading Cards by Judy Bartolett p21-22


Issue #163 (May 15- July 1, 1999)

Blockheads/ 3D Monster Posters (Paper Monster box/masks that fit over the head from Topps) by Marks p8-12

UFO Cards, Heavenly- (Visitor Valentines, UFO (incident) cards, FATE magazine cover cards, Otros Mundos (Other Worlds) and Historia-Ficcion (History Fiction) cards) by Kuersteiner p14-15

Roy Rogers Cards (Happy Trials for the Non-Sport Collector) by Ralph Perry p17-20

Wacky Thoughts, Some- (Discontinued products parodied by Topps) by Rob Magro p22-23


Issue #162 (April 1- May 15th, 1999)

Hopalong Cassidy Part 2 Cowboy King of 1950s Non-Sports) by Ralph Perry p8-9

Sci-Fi Sets, Out of this World- (Reviews of Star Trek Insurrection, TOS #3, Babylon 5 series 5, Alien Legacy) by Kuersteiner p10-11

Movie Stars R778-2 (Uncataloged names from the Maple Leaf Gum series) by Yvan Roy p12-13

World War II Personalized Christmas Stamps by Angert p15


Issue #161 (Feb 15- Apr 1, 1999)

Mark Macaluso Memorial articles (various authors, various pages)

Monsters & Sci-Fi cards - Japanese Style (Ultraman pt. 2) by Marks p12-15

Lost In card Space (various Lost in Space sets) by Kuersteiner p16-17

Hopalong Cassidy part 1 (The Cowboy Kings of 1950s Non-Sport Cards) by Perry p22-25


Issue #160 (Jan 1- Feb 15, 1999)

Aviation Series (V88) by Hugh Jones p3-4

Adventures In The Unknown (Dumb-bells, Somebody's Stenog, In The Rugh, Dizzy Dramas, Jack Swift, Such is Life comic strips) by Mark Angert p5

Planet of the Apes (Phoenix candy boxes) by Marks p6-10

Beanie Babies Trading Cards (by TY, Inc.) by Marks p12-15

New Cards for the Xmas Season (Titanic, Marvel Silver Age, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Voyager Profiles review) by Kuersteiner p16-17

Foney Ads- Variations (Mr. Foney's Funnies by Leaf) by Marc Simon p18-20


Issue #159 (Nov 16- Dec 25, 1998)

Monsters & Sci-Fi Cards-- Japanese Style (Godzilla cards from Japan circa 1970s) by Marks p6-10

Superman Tattoos & Bubble Gum Wrappers (Topps 1962) by Tony Kowalik p11

Wacky Packages Wall Posters (Topps circa 1970s) by Phil Carpenter p12-13

World's Policemen, The- (square cards by Kodak, 1969) by Mark Angert p17

Oddball Monster Sets, Bride of- (Movie Poster Cards, Mini Bombs, Horror Parade stickers, CINE stickers, Monstruos cards) by Kuersteiner p18-19

Jesus Collector Cards (Northwester Products 1996) by Judy Bartolett p21-22

Famous Cars (Export Public 1971) by RMTCC p35


Issue #158 (Oct 1- Nov 15, 1998)

20 Year Tibits (reflections on 20 years of publishing) by Davis p7

Sci Fi Sets, Three New- (Godzilla, Small Soldiers, X-files reviewed) by Kuersteiner p12-13

Beany and Cecil & Friends cards discovered (The Ultimate Comic Character Set) by Angert p17


Issue #157 (Aug 15- Oct. 1, 1998)

Presidents, Cigars and Non-Sports (President gum cigars by Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company) Part Two by Marks p8-10

Dart, Four New Sets From- (Sailor Moon, Mr. Bean, Gilligan's Island, Munsters II review) by Kuersteiner p12-13

Modern American Airplanes, T-87 (Wings Cigarette Cards) by Angert p17

Card Cutters?, Getting Cut by- (card trimming) by Kuersteiner p19


Issue #156 (July 1- Aug 15, 1998)

Presidents, Cigars and Non-Sports (President gum cigars by Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company) by Marks p6-11

Web: Super Highway, The- (Some critical observations on internet auction houses) by Kuersteiner p12-13

Holloway Candy Cards (R-2, R-7, R202, Uncataloged.) by Mark Angert p26-27


Issue #155 (May 15-July 1, 1998)

Bowman Non-sport Box Finds, New- (Firefighters and US Naval Victories) by Marks p7

New "Old" sets, Sizing Up- (Reviewing news sets of TVs Coolest Classics, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Lost In Space The Movie) by Kuersteiner p14-15

Space Tomorrow Trading Cards (Swift's Premium Meats, 1958) by Ralph Perry p16-17


Issue #154 (April 1- May 15, 1998)

Kellogg's Pep (Airplane Cereal cards) by Marks p8-11

Valentine's Day cards (Why Collectors Should Love V.D.) by Kuersteiner p12-13

T59s, The Four Series of- (Tabacco cards) by Alan Miley p14-15

Movie Stars (R96-1) by Mark Angert p19


Issue #153 (Feb 15- April 1, 1998)

Back to Back Fun! (Collectable Card Backs) by Kuersteiner p8-9

Crazy Label Variations (from Fleer) by Ken Zierer p10-11


Issue #152 (Jan 1-Feb 15, 1998)

Home Defense, Canadian Style (V277) by Hugh Jones p8-9

Sci-Fi Sets: 2 are Hot, 1 is Not!, New- (Reviewing new sets of Outer Limits, Lost In Space and Starship Troopers) by Kuersteinerp10-11

Funny Travel Posters (original & reissue series) by Marc Simon p12-13

Doo Dads in the Desert of Doo (Dixie Bread cards) by Mark Angert p18

Rocky and His Friends (Dudley, Underdog, etc. cards) by Angert p19

Universal Universe, Stars Come Out In (Monster stamps, Toys, and stickers) by Kuersteiner p20-21


Issue #151 (Nov 15-Jan 1, 1998)

Mars Attacks in Spanish (from Buenos Aires) by Les Davis p10-13

Dinosaurs!, Hungry? Then Dig In for- (Dino cards food premiums) by Kuersteiner p16-17


Issue #150 (Oct 1- Nov 15, 1997)

Wrapper Article Checklist, The Remarkable- of Bob & Jeff Marks p10

Daniel Boone, King Kong, and Flash Gordon TEST (An update of some great Test issues) by Marks p11-13

Oddball Monster Sets, The Return of- (Ackermonster cards, Universal Slammers, Dracula's Greatest Hits) by Kuersteiner p14-15

Crusader Rabbit Cards (Bell Brand Potato Chips, 1962) by Ralph Perry p19-21

Wrapper Article Checklist, The- (to issues 110-149) by Kuersteiner p23-25


Issue #149 (Aug 15-Oct 1, 1997)

Star Trek Leaf Set (Episode Guide to photos) by Ron Zincone p5

Bowman & Topps letters to dealers ( Non-Sports Archival Papers) by Marks p6

UFO sets, foreign & domestic (Flying Saucer Sets Circle the Planet!) by Kuersteiner p14


Issue #148 (July 1-Aug 15, 1997)

Wanted Posters, Nu-Card- (addendum to Wilson article from #121) by R. Siegel p5

Odds 'N Ends of Non-Sports Boxes (Goudey & Gum, Inc. odd shaped boxes) by Marks p8

Jets-Rockets-Spacemen Series, Blast off to the New- (James Trever Interview) by Kuersteiner p12

Wacky Collectors Storage Decisions (How to store your Wackys) by Marc Simon p18


Issue #147 (May 15-July 1, 1997)

Sylvia, Remembering Don- ("The Old Guy") by Bob Staples p5

Tydol Flying Gasoline Warplane Cards (Newspaper ads and articles about UO-1) by Johnson p7

Big Card Collecting = Big Fun! (Oversized and exhibit card sets) by Kuersteiner p11


Issue #146 (April 1-May 15, 1997)

"Beatles Diary" set, There's is NO- (and other titles with stickers on the boxes) by Marks p7

Mars Attacks: The Movie & Merchandise, More- (misc. Mars Attacks toys & more) by Kuersteiner p9

Mars Attacks Interview with Len Brown, The- (Creator of Mars Attacks) by Kuersteiner p13

Hammer vs. Universal Monsters (two new monster set reviews) by Kuersteiner p15

Stylin' Skateboard- A Test Issue? (info on Topps/O-Pee-Chee sticker issue) by Terry Gomes p16


Issue #145 (Feb 15-April 1, 1997)

Changing Boxes: A history of Topps Transition Packaging (Big vs. Little boxes) by Marks p7


Issue #144 (Jan 1-Feb 15, 1997)

Wacky Discovery, Another- (Wacky pins) by Mark Angert p3

Shelly, Remembering Don- (Subscriber since #16) by Jack Briggs p3

Fake Photo-copied Boxes (The Dope on Dubious Dupes) by Denis Kramer p4

Crime Does Not Pay card premium (John Dillinger Death Certificate) by Hugh Jones p5

Wacky Can Labels: The Rarest Wacky Set, The- (gum can test label issue index) by Phil Carpenter p7

Comic Book Heroes Stickers, Unraveling the Mystery of the- (Topps) by Marks p8

Battleships BF-12 (Battleships & Sub flannel pennants) by Mark Angert p13


Issue #143 (Nov 15- Jan 1, 1997)

PXIII Socko Signs (Wheaties Premium Metal Plates) by Mark Angert p7

Wacky Packages and Wacky Charms (Wacky gum-ball machine trinkets) by Carpenter & Gross p9


Issue #142 (Oct. 1-Nov. 15, 1996)

Crime Did Not Pay (New information and more conjecture on R37) by Hugh Jones p5

Kellogg Company F273-19 (Movie & Sport Star Photos) by Val DeCarlo p8

Oddball Monster Sets, Son of More- (more off-beat monster sets) by Kuersteiner p11

Movie Star Matchbook Covers (Matchbook Movie Star booklets) by Jack Horkan p13


Issue #141 (Aug 15-Oct 1, 1996)

Topps, Open Letter From- (Topps attempt to ease the outrage over their collation of SW Finest) p3

Solider Boys Flags- A Premium Offer (Cloth Flag Miniatures) by Hugh Jones p7

Indian Gum (Hunting for Indian Gum Wrapper Variations) by Marks p8

Doughboys, Minute Men, Troopers & Yanks, R43- (colorful vintage candy cylinders) by Foster p13

Cover Girl Card Sets (cards featuring all sorts of women from pulp covers) by Kuersteiner p15


Issue #140 (July 1-Aug 15, 1996)

Wacky Response, A-(More info on the 1967 Wacky Die Cut series) by Paul Argyropoulos p7

Indian Food Issue Cards Update (9 card set by Indians-Jewel Tea Co.) by Kramer p8

Star Wars Finest Flim-Flam (Letter to Topps about collation of latest SW set) by Todd Riley p9

Wrapper Color Variations- Why?, Early- (Action Gum, Dare Devils, Sky Bird wrappers) by Marks p10

Famous Aircraft by American Chicle Company, R186- (info & checklist) by Foster p15

Comic Cover Cards, Cool- (cards w/ comic book and humor magazine covers) by Kuersteiner p17


Issue #139 (May 15-July 1, 1996)

Fighting Marines Picture Card Gum (more on puzzle-back Fighting Marines) by Marks p7

3 New Boxes ("It's About Time", "Wacky Package Posters", & "Wacky Packages" w/soup) by Marks p8

Elvis Presley Advertising Sheet, 1956- (Elvis "promos") by Mark Angert p15


Issue #138 (April 1-May 15, 1996)

Mad Trouble Stickers Index by Michael Harris p4

Covers on Cards, Cool- (Horror and Sci-Fi pulp covers on cards) by Kuersteiner p5

Food Issue Indian Cards, Interesting- (Indian Language Cards by Armour Star, Braves of Indian Nations by Quaker, & Indian by Jewel) by Kramer p6

Fighting Marines Puzzle Backs, R709-1- (sub-set of Fighting Marines) by Mark Angert p11

Esskay Airplanes (1980 Esskay Meats of Baltimore) by Michael Hresko p14


Issue #137 (Feb 15-April 1, 1996)

Australian G-Men Cards... A Gum, Inc. "Rip-Off" (knock-off set from Down Under) by Hugh Jones p3

Star Trek Mystery Cards (A&BC copyright questions) by Ron Zincone p5

Bubble Gum Gallery of Art (Mars Attacks, Outer Limits, Civil War News, Battle) by Kuersteiner p9

Mutoscope Pin-Up Cards, Printing Variations in- (beautiful Arcade type cards) by Marks p10


Issue #136 (Jan 1-Feb 15, 1996)

Inidan Gum Cards, My Pursuit of- (The Rough Roads) by Kramer p7

New Discoveries (R62 "Guess What" and R? Love & Kisses discoveries) by Foster p9

Lucky Comic Cards (Checklist & info on F69) by Val DeCarlo p15

Mad Stickers (checklist to 64 unnumbered Fleer Mad Stickers) by Harris p17

Reprints vs Originals: Which is Which (Guide to spotting reprints) by Kuersteiner p27


Issue #135 (Nov. 15-Jan 1, 1996)

Zoom Airplanes Update (adding to issue #121 article on R177) by Hugh Jones p3

Wonder Series (Checklist and Info of this series) by Doug Nickerson p7

Federal Express Warning (they'll charge insurance $, but they won't pay it!) by Marks p11


Issue #134 (Oct. 1-Nov. 15, 1995)

=Red Menace, Fight the- (Card & Box info on the Bowman classic) by Marks p10

New Discoveries (Trick Cards, G-Men, Transfer Pictures & Shapes, Reed's Paloop, Animal Quiz Cards) by Foster p14

Oddball Monster Sets, The Revenge of More- (offbeat monster sets) by Kuersteiner p19


Issue #133 (Aug 15- Oct. 1, 1995)

Real Airplane Pictures (Checklist to E195) by Hugh Jones p3

Remembering Edward Clement Wharton-Tiger by Bill Nielsen p4

Have Gun, Will Travel (Paladin cards F373 from Rinso) by Marks p6

New Discoveries (Fleer Funnies, Fleer Heads Up) by Foster p10

My 5 Favorite Card Sets (Beatles, Indian Gum, Get Smart, Hit Stars, Horrors of War) by Kramer p13


Issue #132 (July 1- Aug 15, 1995)

Screen Snappies (R122 checklist) by Hugh Jones p3

Joe Palooka & Sad Sack Comic Transfers (info on both rare sets) by Marks p8

All-American Space Fleet (info on the set from Skelly gas) by Bob Conway p17


Issue #131 (May 15-July 1, 1995)

Gangster Masks (made by M. Pressner of R61 fame) by Foster p3

Allies in Action, New Checklist Discoveries for- by Hugh Jones p5

Gangster Lady, The- (interview with Kathi Harrell, 30's bank robber expert) by Davis p7

Unraveling A Non-Sport Mystery (new info on "21 Tattoos") by Marks p10


Issue #130 (April 1- May 15, 1995)

Primrose Star Trek set, Correction On- (see also #129) by Martin Murray p2

Reverse Picture variations from Horrors of War by Hugh Jones p3

Wrapper 10 year retrospective (images from issue #50) by Davis p7

Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans (1937 Doughnut Corp. cards) by Abdella p10

Firefighters, Bowman's- (An unreported Variation) by Marks p12


Issue #129 (Feb. 15- April 1, 1995)

Hostess Premium Cards, Info on 1966- (see also pg. 92 #128) by Jr. Bable p5

Long Island Dealer's Luck began close to The Source (Emil Tierno profile) by Scott Thomas p7

Primrose Star Trek "bootleg" (see also #130) by Macaluso p9

Movie Stars "Then and Now" (Checklist and info on the 40's series) by Todd Riley p11


Issue #128 (Jan 1- Feb. 15, 1995)

Wacky Thoughts (Wacky Packages article) by Phil Carpenter p7

Missiles & Jets (Marhoefer, circa 1964) by Wilson p11

Rock and Pop Stars (Hitmakers, 1972) by Wilson p12


Issue #127 (Nov. 150 Jan 1, 1995)

Star Trek "European" cards update by Macaluso p5

Zodiac Cards (Donruss, circa 1968-1970) by Wilson p7

Snoots (info and complete checklist) by Wilson p8

Sports Oddities by Jimmy Evans (Quaker Cereals, 1954) by Wilson p9

Supersisters (Feminist card set from 1979) by Wilson p10

Bazooka Joe, Paper Comics (series of 1990 to present) by Wilson p11

Nature Study Cards (The World of Nature by Coca Cola) by Wilson p12

It's Your Hobby (Monster Midgee, American Presidents, Crazy Magazine Covers 3) by Wilson p14


Issue #126 (Oct. 1- Nov. 15, 1994)

Oddball Monster Sets, More- (weird & unusual monster sets) by Kuersteiner p7

Movie Star Soap Premiums (index to unknown set) by Todd Riley p9

It's Your Hobby (info on Soupy Sales, Singer Bird sets, etc.) by Wilson p11

American Presidents (Kelloggs 1974-75) by Wilson p12

How do you define a complete set pt. 5 (Fleer's Kustom Cars 2 & Crazy Covers 3) by Wilson p13

Crazy TV, Knock Knocks, Ton ' O' Laffs (Topps) by Wilson p14


Issue #125 (Aug 15- Oct. 1, 1994)

Metallic Non-Sports Cards II (Smarty Buttons & other Non-Sport pins) by Marks p9

World's Greatest Explorers T118, The- (see also #117) by Steven Schwartz p13


Issue #124 (July 1- Aug. 15, 1994)

Flash Gordon, Testing- (The Topps Test issue) by Marks p7

W500 Strip Cards (info & checklists for several strip cards circa 1920) by Jim Abdella p9

It's Your Hobby (notes on Super Freaks, Nu-Card Wanted Posters etc.) by Wilson p14


Issue #123 (May 15-July 1, 1994)

First regular MARKet Report (Macaluso's comments evolve into an ongoing column) p5

Oddball Monster sets, Off the beaten path- (Not For Sale Sets) by Kuersteiner p9

Tobacco cards circa 1890, Vintage- (Bikini Open) by Micheal Tedesco p11

Star Wars Sets, The "other" (unusual Star Wars series) by Wilson p15

Richard Nixon on Trading Cards (sets with Nixon featured) by Wilson p17

Stick'r Trading Cards, Kellogg's- (Early 70's & 80's Kellogg's sets) by Wilson p18


Issue #122 (April 1- May 15, 1994)

Card-O Ships and Planes (en depth checklist and info) by Wilson p5

Vending "Finds" (The True Story of Civil War News) by Wilson p10

It's Your Hobby! (Groovy Stick-ons, American History Trading Cards etc.) by Wilson p11

Olympic Athletes on Trading Cards (Various sets on the subject) by Wilson p13

Rock Stars (Amurol Gum, 1984/85) by Wilson p14


Issue #121 (Feb 15- April 1, 1994)

Bewitched & Comic Book Heroes (Topps test sets) by Wilson p7

Nu-Card Overvew (A look at some card sets that might be "Nu" to You) by Wilson p8

Zoom Airplanes Pt. 1 (Gum Inc, 1941/42) by Wilson p10

Navy Ships & Airplanes (A.J. Wildman & Son) by Wilson p11

Portraits of Movie Stars (Engrav-o-tints - Peerless) By Wilson p11

Way Out West with Exhibit Cards (Western Exhibit cards) by Wilson p12

DC Comics Cards (1987/89 comic book backing boards) by Wilson p13

Warner Brothers Records pt. 2 (checklists and info) by Wilson p14

It's Your Hobby (notes on Groovy Stick-ons, Tattoo Man etc.) by Wilson p16


Issue #120 (Jan 1- Feb. 15, 1994)

Warner Brothers Records, 1979 (pt. 1) by Wilson p4

"Indians" and "Flags & Scenes" (Jewel, 1950s) by Wilson p5

How Do You Define a Complete set pt. 4 (variations of Baseball's Greatest Grossouts, Cracked Magazine, Crazy Labels, Mad Stickers, Oddest Odd Rods, Silly Cycles, V) by Wilson p6

Poker Hands (Paul A. Price Co., 1960s) by Wilson p8

Famous Monsters (various back variations) by Wilson p9

Becker Prize Cards pt. 2 (checklists and more info on L.B.M) by Wilson p10

It's Your Hobby (Incredible Hulk, New York World's Fair, Cross Stitch & more) by Wilson p12


Issue #119 (Nov. 15- Jan 1, 1994)

Bowman King, The- (Interview w/ Tom King, artist of Red Menace & Wild West) by Davis p5

Know Your Presidents (Trio Gum Corp.) by Wilson p8

Becker Prize Cards pt. 1 (mid to late 1960s) by Wilson p9

How Do You Define a Complete set pt. 3 (variations on Dukes of Hazzards, Gong Show, Here's Bo, M*A*S*H, Spy vs. Spy, 3 Stooges '89) by Wilson p10

It's Your Hobby! (Little Debbie Presidential Portraits, Blockbuster Video Game cards, Planet of the Apes test, etc.) by Wilson p11

National Geographic World Trading Cards (series 1 & 2) by Wilson p15

Cracker Jack Cards (Cards, Static Stick-ums & Wiggles) by Michael Harris p18


Issue #118: 15th Anniversary (Oct. 1-Nov. 15, 1993)

V-Men Re-discovered (profile of Charles H. Steinbacher, Bowman Art Director) by Sal Visalli p5

Wrapper Retrospective, The- (highlights from past issues) by Scott Thomas p9

Dallas & Knight Rider (How do you define a complete set?) by Wilson p11

Presidential Portrait Cards (Little Debbie, 1992) by Wilson p12

You'll Die Laughing (newly discovered Test version) by Wilson p13

Little Caesars Pizza Trading Cards (1992/93) by Wilson p14

Tobacco Cards pt. 2, Collecting- (T99 Sights & Scenes of the World) by Wilson p15

It's Your Hobby (Twiggy Test cards, Blockbuster Video cards etc.) by Wilson p16


Issue #117 (Aug 15-Oct 1, 1993)

Hot Rods (R714-34, Topps 1964) by Wilson p5

Marvel Super Heroes Stickers (Topps 1976) by Wilson p7

Fleer Insert Cards, The Large- (Dumb Dabs & Rotten Eggs) by Wilson p8

Tobacco Cards pt. 1, Collecting- (Getting started with Great Hassan sets) by Wilson, p9

Non-Sports Specialists (Collector names, addresses, & phone #s) by subscribers p90

Back Issue Offer (rough index of #92, 93, 95, 100-116) by Davis pg. 92


Issue #116 (July 1- Aug 15, 1993)

Jet Planes & New Jet Planes (Exhibit Supply Co. 1950s) by Wilson p5

Wacky Packages - Wonder Bread 1974 (the details in the fine print) by Wilson p7

Lucky Safety Comic Cards (M18, 1953) by Wilson p9

Men of America - M? (1928/29) by Wilson p10

Comic Character Cards (pt. Deux) by Walter Koenig p15


Issue #115 (May 15- July 1, 1993)

Sports Cars, Antique Autos (Wanna buy some used artwork?) by Wilson p5

Wacky TV Show Cards (Hostess 1979) by Wilson p10

Horrors of War Cards (Winter 1937/38, The Slaughter of Nanking) by Davis p13


Issue #114 (April 1- May 15, 1993)

Wonder Bread Cards (Hanna Barbera, DC/Warner, Disney etc.) by Wilson p5

Tracking the Tough Cards pt. 4 (Gilligan's, TWIA, Wild West, etc.) by Wilson p8

Wacky Packages & Osmonds from the corner deli (Estelle's) by Scott Thomas p11


Issue #113 (Feb 15- April 1, 1993)

Test Card Sightings, More- (Kung Fu Test cards) by Wilson p5

Lithograph Pin-Up Cards, The Color Artist- (good girl penny arcade cards) by Bob Schulhof p6

Bazooka Joe Cards (1975-1979) by Wilson p10


Issue #112 (Jan 1- Feb 15, 1993)

Testing 1, 2, 3... (Emergency/Adam-12, Crazy TV, Kooky Awards Test) by Wilson p5

Animal of the Week- Lincoln Park Zoo (Jewel Food Stores, F333) by Wilson p9

History of Aviation Cards (Ruban Bleu Margarine Co.) by Steve Goldman p13


Issue #111 (Nov. 15- Jan 1, 1993)

Presidents! (various sets) by Scott Tomkowiak p4

Tracking the Tough Cards pt. 3 (Pirate's Picture Bubble Gum) by Wilson p7


Issue #110 (Oct 1- Nov. 15, 1992)

Test Issues (A few Theories) by Lonnie Cummins p6

Tracking the Tough Cards pt. 2 (Movie Stars, Spook Stories, Target Moon pink, etc.) by Wilson p11

Monster Movie Maniac!, I was a Teenage- (Monster memories) by Famulari p43

The Wrapper Article Checklist (Issues #100-109) by Davis


Issue #109 (Aug 15- Oct. 1, 1992)

Good Guys and Bad Guys (Setting the Record Straight) by Scott Tomkowiak p4

Warriors of the World (Marx cards) by Kurt Piepenburg p8

Tracking the Tough Cards pt. 1 (Introduction, the Market Matures) by Wilson p11


Issue #108 (July 1- Aug. 15, 1992)

Wacky Package "Odds 'N Ends" (for collectors of original 16 series) by Marks p8

Spook Stories & Munsters photocopy stickers (A Counterfeit Alert) by Marks p11


Issue #107 (May 15- July 1, 1992)

Indian Gum and How! (Goudey) by Wilson p7

Wilson, Ron (A profile of) by Davis p15

Explorers Case, Clsing Argument on- (Explorers/Foreign Legion cards) by Mark Angert p19

Shelby Gum R-802 (A very rare find) by Martin Ballistreri, Sr. p27


Issue #106 (April 1- May 15, 1992)

Explorers of American (Loose-Wiles Co.) by Davis p8

Sky Birds, More On- (R136) by Nathan Kaufman p11


Issue #105 (Feb 15- April 1, 1992)

Star Trek- A Dream Lives On (various Star Trek sets) by Michael Zmuda p6


Issue #104 (Jan 1- Feb 15, 1992)

Sky Birds (R136) by Davis, Et Al P6


Issue #103 (Nov. 15- Jan 1, 1992)

Car Cards (World on Wheels, Antique Autos) by Scott Tomkowiak p4


Issue #102 (Oct. 1- Nov. 15, 1991)

Horrors of War (Reprint set) by Davis p4


Issue #101 (Aug 15- Oct. 1, 1991)

Forgotten Wrappers (various pre-60s) by John Neuner p8


Issue #100 (July 1- Aug 15, 1991)

100 issues (How it all began...) by Davis p6

The Wrapper Article Checklist (Index of issues 1-100) by Davis p13